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Professional cleaning services

We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of professional cleaners is experienced, reliable, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We use the latest cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process.

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How to clean a refrigerator – secrets of fast and effective cleaning

The refrigerator is the most important device in every kitchen. This type of household appliance is one of the most “visited” by all the household. So it gets dirty more often than any other object. In addition to household dirt, which is left by the touch of unwashed hands, yellow grease stains, marks from stickers or felt-tip pens can form on the refrigerator, and inside the cabinet can appear unpleasant odor and even mold.

Even the most meticulous hostesses periodically face the need to clean the refrigerator, especially if there are small children in the house. How to clean the refrigerator so that not a single spot is left on it and spend a minimum of time? Let’s find out.

How to clean the outside of a refrigerator

Cleaning the front of the appliance is actually very quick and easy. We have a number of effective tips and tricks for this, but first you need to do some preparatory work:

Inspect the refrigerator and find out how dirty it is

This will help you stock up on the right detergents and cleaners. For example, for ordinary dirt it is enough to buy a bar of laundry soap or use an ordinary dish liquid, but to remove old grease and yellow stains you will need more serious means.

Unplug the refrigerator from the mains

This is necessary to protect the equipment itself and the person who will be cleaning it – water during washing may cause a short circuit. At the same time, disconnection must be done correctly. If your equipment works on the cooling system “No frost”, then just pull the cord out of the socket, as defrosting these models do not need. In the case of conventional modifications, manufacturers recommend to first set the temperature sensor to 0 degrees, and after 30 minutes completely disconnect the device from the 220V network.

Remove all the contents from the refrigerator cabinet

To do this, find a place in advance where you will place the food, taking into account that it will lie there for some time (while you clean the refrigerator).

What can you clean the outside of your refrigerator with?

There are several proven methods and cleaning products, which we will tell you about:

  • Special products for cleaning refrigeration equipment or kitchen appliances

They are sold in all household departments of stores and wash the surface as gently as possible, leaving no marks and microscratches. If the front of the appliance is covered with yellow stains from grease or natural aging processes, it is better to use special means.

  • Dishwashing liquid

A simple, inexpensive and effective method. Squeeze a couple of drops onto the soft side of a damp sponge, work the surface, rub the yellowed and especially dirty areas well, leave it for 5-10 minutes and remove the foam residue with a clean damp sponge/rag. Then wipe the refrigerator dry.

The detergent will not damage the delicate surface and will refresh the appearance of the appliance.

  • Soap

As they say, everything genius is simple! Grate the soap on a grater, warm it up a little, and apply the resulting mixture to the dirty areas. Leave the remedy for a few minutes until the end of the reaction and wash off. If necessary, lightly rub the stains, but not with the abrasive side of a washcloth! 

  • Soda

You should never rub the refrigerator surface with baking soda – you can only treat stale stains with baking soda solution. To do this, dissolve 1 teaspoon of the substance in water to form a porridge, carefully apply it to the stain and let it stand for about 30 minutes. Then very carefully, so as not to scratch the surface, remove the rest of the soda. The stains tend to lighten very well.

  • Toothpaste

Excellent fights stains without leaving scuffs and scratches due to its homogeneous and smooth structure. It not only gets rid of grease and yellowed areas, but also traces of children’s creativity (markers, ballpoint pen, etc.). Simply apply a little toothpaste to the dirty area, rub lightly, leave to stand for about 15 minutes, rinse off.

And we also want to share with you the secret to getting rid of stickers. In fact, it can be quite difficult to get rid of them, because the adhesive backing hardens over time and literally becomes one with the surface. To peel off the sticker and not leave a trace, use a regular household hair dryer. Blow it close to the sticker, the heated glue comes off very easily!

Once your refrigerator is completely clean from the outside, you only need to wipe it dry to protect it from rusting and treat it with antibacterial wipes to prevent germs from breeding.

How to clean the inside of the refrigerator from mold, dirt and odors?

Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator is the most responsible and important part, because the cleanliness of the cabinet from the inside directly affects the quality of food. Moreover, mold and fungus can provoke the development of health disorders caused by pathogens.

*For cleaning the usual dirt and grease, all the same products are suitable as for cleaning the refrigerator from the outside.

So, cleaning mold

It comes from high levels of humidity and is very dangerous. The most effective remedy for this enemy is 9 percent vinegar. To remove mold:

  • apply the substance to the affected areas in undiluted form;
  • leave it on for 10 minutes;
  • rinse off with water.
  • If not all the mold is gone, repeat the procedure again.

You can also get rid of mold inside the refrigerator with the help of alcohol and chlorine-based preparations. However, it is necessary to perform cleaning with such means only if it is possible to organize quality ventilation of the room. The cabinet itself should be rinsed with clean water after the cleaning procedure to wash off all the residues of the preparations.

Getting rid of odors inside the refrigerator

Odors from the refrigerator can literally poison our lives. For example, week-old shrimp or fish skeletons can give off a stench that lasts for years. And the odor is not only in the air, it permeates absolutely all products. What should we do?

The first thing to do is to find out what stinks and get rid of the source. It can be anywhere – drawers, freezer, shelves and the space between them, rubber seals. Be sure to find and destroy it! Otherwise, all efforts to clean the refrigerator will be in vain.

When the source of stench is eliminated, it remains to get rid of the most unpleasant odor. You can buy a special product for this purpose. It acts exactly on the cause of the problem. If there is no possibility to buy such a product, use the following methods:

  • Sprinkle some baking soda in various places in the refrigerator cabinet and leave it for 24 hours. It will absorb the odors. You can wash the interior with a baking soda solution (dissolve 1 tbsp. of baking soda in 1 liter of water).
  • Spread crushed activated charcoal in the refrigerator. It acts similarly to baking soda.
  • Cut black bread into small pieces and also spread it inside the refrigerator cabinet.
  • Leave bags of steeped tea in the refrigerator overnight, scatter rice or coffee grounds.
  • Treat the interior surfaces with a solution of wine or ordinary vinegar (dilute 2 tbsp. of vinegar concentrate in 1 liter of water).
  • Alternatively, you can cut a lemon in half and rub it on the walls and shelves of the refrigerator. Let it stand for a while, then rinse it off with water. Just do not keep the lemon very long on the surface, so that the acid does not corrode the surface.
  • If everything has been washed, but the odor still remains, check the drain hole on the back wall of the equipment – it should be periodically cleaned, and stagnant water can be a source of stink. An ordinary medical syringe without a needle is suitable for cleaning the hole.

What to do to keep your refrigerator clean for as long as possible

To avoid spending half a day cleaning your refrigerator, all you need to do is perform timely preventive maintenance. Take good care of your refrigeration equipment and spend no more than 30 minutes for general cleaning.

So, 5 tips that will help in keeping your refrigerator clean on a daily basis:

  • Clean it right away. If, for example, you spill food on a shelf, don’t wait for it to dry, brush it off with a damp sponge.
  • Get rid of expired food. Don’t let your kitchen assistant turn into a storehouse of junk in the form of jars with jam on the bottom, dried sandwiches or rotted cabbage. Throw it away immediately! This will help prevent germs from breeding, the same mold, and free up usable space.
  • Wash drawers before each new purchase. Stack the freshest foods at the very bottom and “yesterday’s” foods higher so you can use them before they spoil.
  • Antibacterial treatment with special agents.
  • Do not use abrasive sponges and too aggressive substances, so as not to damage the coating.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to enjoy a perfectly clean, tidy and safe for your health every day! We hope you found our tips useful. If cleaning is not for you, then contact us. Our specialists will perform everything to the highest standard at an affordable price. 

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When, why and how to do apartment pre-cleaning

Cleaning an apartment before selling it is a difficult and very responsible task. If you show housing to future buyers as it is – it can be sold for a very long time, any realtor will confirm this. After all, the apartment in this case is a commodity, and the goods must necessarily have a marketable appearance.

So, why do you need a pre-sale apartment cleaning?

Imagine that you are the buyer. You are offered to look at 2 different options: a perfectly clean and well-maintained property and a cluttered “barrack” with bins of things and two centimeters of dust on the surfaces. Which of these apartments would you want to stay in?

Some owners, and even realtors claim that cleanliness is not as important as, for example, the condition of communications (pipes, wiring, plumbing, etc.), windows and carpentry. This is not true! When a person enters a dirty house, he no longer wants to look at what condition the piping is in, his only desire is to leave this room as soon as possible.

Order, neatness and cleanliness are paramount things that you just need to pay attention to when selling real estate. Even if you are very busy, and you have no free time at all, and even more so for cleaning, you can not ignore this point. Invite professional cleaners who will quickly, qualitatively and at an affordable price perform professional cleaning of the apartment before the sale. Such service is also available in our cleaning company!

Когда лучше проводить предпродажную уборку квартиры?

Professional cleaners recommend breaking real estate pre-sale cleaning into 3 phases:

  • For photography

To take presentation photos, the premises should have a presentable appearance. Take out of the apartment all the junk, garbage, if necessary, glue wallpaper, mask torn linoleum and all unsightly places.

  • 2-3 days before the show

In this case, a general cleaning is carried out so that the potential buyer gets only positive emotions and impressions from the viewing.

  • On the day of the showing

A light maintenance cleaning is carried out to bring visual gloss. You will need to dust the surfaces and damp mop the floor.

Tools and equipment for cleaning the apartment before sale

Before you start general cleaning, you need to stock up on all the necessary detergents and cleaning products so that you are not caught off guard. For example, you may find that you don’t have anything to clean the toilet bowl from lime scale. We have prepared a list of the most essential cleaning products for you:

  1. Household chemicals

You will most likely need the following products:

  • dishwashing liquid;
  • scouring powder;
  • Sanitary ware and bathtub cleaner (selected according to the coating of the appliance);
  • liquid soap;
  • oven cleaner;
  • universal cleaner for washing surfaces (doors, window sills, cabinet furniture fronts);
  • polish for polished surfaces;
  • glass cleaner;
  • carpet stain remover;
  • toilet bowl cleaner;
  • floor cleaner.
  1. Tools and aids

Pre-sale house cleaning cannot be done without such tools as: safety glasses, respirator, rubber gloves, cleaning brushes (including those with an extension handle), paper towels, sponges, clean rags, dusting brush, broom, vacuum cleaner, basin, bucket, mop.

  1.  Miscellaneous

It’s not unreasonable to stock up on little things like trash bags, light bulbs, a new bathroom curtain.

How to properly do pre-sale cleaning of an apartment without specialists

The first thing to do is to free the area from all extraneous and unnecessary objects that will create inconvenience and interfere with the cleanliness.

If the apartment is equipped with furniture, general cleaning is best to start with cleaning soft sofas and armchairs, as well as sleeping places from various contaminants, crumbs, hair and hair of pets.

Next, you should pay special attention to removing dust from appliances and cabinet furniture. First you need to remove dust accumulations with a rag or cellulose sponge, moistened with a special cleaning solution, and then rub the facades with polish.

Then you can proceed to dry cleaning of floor coverings and carpets with a vacuum cleaner. If dirt or stains remain on the floor after this procedure, they should be removed using detergents and stain remover.

At the same stage, the lighting fixtures are cleaned of dust and dirt.

Wet cleaning. This is the final stage of preparing the apartment for sale. Here it is necessary to pay special attention not only to washing the floor, but also to wet cleaning of window sills, interior doors, front door, baseboards. It is also recommended to rub all glass and mirror surfaces to a shine.

Important! If the windows were washed more than six months ago, it is recommended to perform a full window cleaning (inside and outside) in all rooms, and if necessary to perform their maintenance (adjustment of mechanisms, lubrication or replacement of seals, etc.). 

Once the bedrooms, children’s rooms and living rooms are perfectly cleaned, it is recommended to move on to cleaning the bathroom, toilet and kitchen area. To make these rooms look tidy, you need to perform the following actions:

  • cleaning tiles from lime and grease deposits;
  • removal of dirt from the walls of the shower cubicle;
  • cleaning and disinfection of sanitary ware;
  • washing and polishing of sanitary ware;
  • removal of rust, lime scale and urinary stone in the toilet bowl, sink and bathtub;
  • microwave oven cleaning;
  • thoroughly washing the hood, oven and cooktop.

By performing all these actions in the sequence we suggested and using specialized chemicals and tools, you will be able to make the property look marketable and sell it as soon as possible.

Also you can always order pre-sale cleaning of the apartment in our company. Professional cleaners will perform it at the highest level in the shortest possible time. At the same time you will not have to spend money on purchasing expensive detergents and cleaning agents (and you will need a lot of them) and inventory – we bring everything with us. Contact us!

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How to clean heating radiators inside

How to clean old batteries, remove dust, layers of cobwebs and accumulated grease? Our experts – collected several effective ways to clean the batteries in the apartment. Before we get to them, let’s consider what kind of batteries there are. 

Types and kinds of heating radiators

  • Depending on the material your radiators are made of and their shape, you will need to choose the best cleaning technique. Pay attention to what your radiators are made of:
  • steel (panel steel radiators, tubular radiators);
  • aluminum (lithium or extrusion radiators);
  • cast iron (the well-known harmonica radiators and modern retro-style models);
  • bimetal.

How to clean the batteries inside

Method 1: This is the most popular option for getting rid of dust from the inside and back walls of bimetallic or steel radiators. To do this, the back wall of the battery should be covered with a suitable-sized wet cloth. And then on the front, “front” side to direct a powerful jet of air from an ordinary hair dryer. The hair dryer will blow out all the dust from inside the radiator, and it will fix on the wet rag at the back. After that, remove the cloth, and go over the external parts of the radiator again with a damp cloth or sponge.

Method 2: If you have cast-iron radiators, simply blowing dust, cobwebs and other contaminants out with the air from a hair dryer will not blow them out. The problem is that often the dust as if “welded” to the coating of cast iron radiators during the heating season. And to get rid of them, you need to be inventive and careful not to hurt the skin of your hands. You can use rag household gloves or just put on the hand wet in water or soap solution unnecessary cotton sock. Then you should use your hand covered with the sock or cloth to go over all the inner and back parts of the radiator. All the dust and cobwebs will remain on the cloth surface. If you are dealing with a dense layer of dust, first soak the dirt in this way and then go over it again with your hand, wiping the radiator clean.

Method 3. For aluminum and cast iron radiators, you can also use this method of cleaning. Dissolve ordinary baking soda in water. Take a bottle brush, dip it in this baking soda solution and thoroughly go over the “ribs” of the radiator. Dust and dirt will come off in 5-10 minutes.

Method 4: Toothpaste or tooth powder will help to remove sticky grease on the radiators in the kitchen. Apply it to an ordinary sponge and rub the dirty areas well.

Method 5: You can spray the radiator with a cleaning agent or detergent solution with citric acid, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide through a spray gun. And after that, as usual, wipe the radiator clean with a sponge or a damp cloth.

Method 6: Very dirty radiators (for example, after repair work) can be cleaned in this way. Put wide trays under radiators, cover wallpaper and nearby objects with oilcloth or construction film, heat water in a kettle and water the radiator with hot water, so that dirty water remains in the tray. When the dirt is soaked in this way, you can use a brush with any cleaning agent.

Useful tips:

  • Before washing the radiators, take care of the safety and security of the wallpaper on the wall behind the radiator itself: cover it with construction film or oilcloth. And under the radiator itself, place a wide basin where dirty water or cleaning agents will run off.
  • To clean the batteries can be used as industrial detergents, and means that are always in every home: soap, toothpaste or tooth powder, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda diluted in water, and citric acid. Pay attention! In order not to provoke the appearance of rust on the batteries, avoid detergents with added chlorine or phosphates.
  • When spraying the radiators with water or detergents, place old newspapers or rags on the floor under the radiator so that the water or detergents do not remain on the floor but are absorbed.

Washing radiators is a rather complicated task that requires a lot of time. That is why it is better to use the services of our company and order their washing from the specialists of TivaCleaners. Our cleaning company will do everything quickly, qualitatively and for an affordable price. 

Tivacleaners Cleaning Checklist

There are, on average, about 165 tasks we perform in the typical home while cleaning. This is not a point-by-point inspection list; it merely summarizes the overall focus and extent to which we go to create an industry-wide best in a TIVA Cleaners.

  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned and sanitized (all items removed and cleaned behind)
  • Sink cleaned and sanitized
  • Window above the sink clean and free of smudges
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Cabinet exteriors cleaned
  • Appliance exteriors are cleaned
  • Microwave is cleaned inside and out
  • Small appliances are wiped down
  • Walls and fixtures cobwebbed
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Pictures and ledges cobwebbed
  • Trash is emptied
  • Throw rugs are shaken out or vacuumed
  • Kitchen nook dusted
  • Pantry Vacuumed
  • Floors edged and vacuumed
  • Baseboards are wiped down
  • Floors are hand washed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed
  • Sinks cleaned and sanitized
  • Countertops cleaned and sanitized
  • Glass is clean and free of smudges
  • Cabinet exteriors are cleaned
  • Shower and tub are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Chrome is shined
  • Toilet is cleaned and sanitized (base and behind)
  • Walls and fixtures are cobwebbed
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Window sills are wiped down
  • Trash is emptied
  • Switch plates are clean
  • Pictures and ledges are cobwebbed
  • Baseboards are wiped down
  • Closet is vacuumed
  • Throw rugs are shaken out or vacuumed
  • Floor is hand washed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed
  • Glass is clean and free of smudges
  • Walls, fixtures, ceiling fans, and baseboards are cobwebbed
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Trash and paper shredders are emptied
  • Beds are made
  • Rooms are tidied
  • All furniture is dusted
  • Decor is dusted
  • Glass is cleaned (excluding windows)
  • One set of French doors are cleaned (inside and out)
  • Front storm door is cleaned
  • All upholstery is vacuumed
  • Floors are edged and vacuumed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed

What Our Customers Are Saying.


James Smith

May 18, 2023

Excellent service and professional customer service. by technicians. We had used the same technician several times in the past.


Deborah M.

April 16, 2023

Thank ­you so very much – when I was told by my Dr. that I could no longer vacuum and do a lot of the cleaning I used to do – I made the decision to go with TIVA cleaners and I have been a very happy client!


Farah Martinez

June 1, 2023

I’ve used this company a number of times now and find them very easy to work with. You can make appointments online, by phone or text. They’re super responsive. They do a great job cleaning and their costs are very reasonable.


Jake Z.

July 16, 2023

Model company all around, and fantastic experience from beginning to end. They were very responsive with my qu estions, and very quick with providing a quote. Scheduling was also very easy, and they showed up on time and did great job. Very nice technicians and hard workers. Everyone was extremely nice and responsive, and at a very reasonable price.


Marissa Villegas

July 2, 2023

I'm so happy I went with this company and will definitely be using them from now on for my carpets. They did a great job, but the professionalism and candor of everyone I spoke and worked with is just wonderful.


Sirlei Franco

June 3, 2023

I want to thank the team at Cleaner's Secret for the wonderful job they are doing in my salon. My clients are safe in a clean, disinfected environment with a pleasant clean scent.


Brian MacFee

June 28, 2023

I would like to share my positive experience with TIVA cleaners. They provided me with high-quality services, demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail. The team was friendly, responsive, and always ready to assist. I highly recommend TIVA cleaners to anyone looking for a reliable clearing partner.


Lisa Dooley

September 4, 2023

Professional, responsive and excellent customer service. Regardless of the size or scope, Apple Corps is a great choice.

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