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Professional cleaning services

We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of professional cleaners is experienced, reliable, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We use the latest cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process.

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What’s News

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How to remove coffee stains from carpets

You’ve just had a cup of coffee and oops. Your cup fell over and you spilled coffee everywhere: on your clothes, on the floor (even on the table…).

So what to do? Clean it up immediately.

And the best way to get rid of it is to get inside, because coffee stains tend to spread.

So, in detail, here’s what you should do:

Step 1

Take a clean white cloth to blot the coffee stain as much as possible. Make sure you keep switching to a cleaner part of the cloth if other parts already have stains on them.

Step 2

You can then use some cold water to spray over the stain.

Step 3

Take another clean cloth and continue blotting. Just keep repeating this process until the stain is completely gone.

Step 4

Once the stain is removed, it’s time to grab your carpet stain remover Step 5 

Remember to spray liberally because this can be a way to easily attract dirt next time.

Step 6

Finally, allow the carpet to dry completely.

However, if you need to get rid of old coffee stains on your carpeting, then read on. 

How to remove old coffee stains from the carpet

Let’s note right away that it can be very difficult to get rid of the stain and it’s better to contact our cleaning company for help right away. 

If you want to try your luck and try to deal with the problem yourself, then check out the algorithm below. It will definitely be useful for you. 

Before we go directly to the algorithm let’s define what we will need:

  • Cold water
  • Towel or white clean rags
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Carpet stain remover
  • Ammonia (used for semi-wool or non-wool carpets)

Step 1.

First of all, you should wet the soiled area with cold water.

Step 2

Then you can repeat the same steps as removing a fresh coffee stain.

Step 3

If the stain still remains, it’s time to prepare your own cleaning solution. You can mix at least three drops of dishwashing detergent and mix it with water.

Step 4

You can then apply with a sponge directly on the stain.

Step 5

You can then take a dry cloth or towel and blot the spot. Make sure that you are not rubbing.

Step 6

Alternate between the wet cloth and the dry cloth. The damp cloth soaks the stain and the dry cloth removes the stain and moisture.

Step 7

If your carpet is made of wool or blended wool, you can also mix a little ammonia (one tablespoon) with a glass of water.

Step 8

Do a spot test to make sure the mixture won’t ruin your carpet. Take another dry cloth and blot the stain.

Step 9

Again alternate between dry and damp cloths. Allow surfaces to dry completely before using a carpet cleaner.

Step 10

Allow the carpet to dry completely.

Bad news: the coffee stain is coming back! What to do.

Like what? The coffee stain is back! It’s really a surprise, but really…. it happens.

And for good reason:

The original stain hasn’t been removed. Instead, the coffee has mixed with the fibers. Or there’s moisture left behind. And in this case, the stain resurfaces as it dries.

The solution is as follows:

Step 1

Simply repeat the steps of the very first method of removing fresh stains.

Step 2

Another thing you can do is to cover the stain with a towel and place a heavy object on it and leave it there or for some time. This will allow you to absorb all the moisture 

Step 3

Finally, use a fan to dry it quickly and completely.

How to deal with coffee creamer stains?

Spilled coffee and creamer? No problem. You just need to use a stronger cleaning solution for this type of stain. To be clear: you can use a carpet cleaner for pets.

Pet carpet cleaner is a good solution because it can break down the proteins in the stain. It can also eliminate the odor.

Just be sure to rinse it off and let it dry completely.

Some nuances of carpet cleaning

  • If you have a carpet with long fibers, it will likely be more difficult to remove the stain. For this type of carpet, you simply need to extend the soaking time.
  • For carpets that are made up of wool or mixed with wool, ammonia works great. Just be sure to do a spot test beforehand so you don’t damage the carpet fibers.
  • For those who are still struggling with old coffee stains, you can use salt. Using salt will help absorb the coffee and water from the carpet. This will lighten the stain considerably, and it will be easier for you to see what you are working on. First, you should spray the stain with cold water and then apply salt to it. Then, you can vacuum up the salt and clean the carpet with a carpet cleaner.
  • You can also use lemon to get rid of old coffee stains. It is better to mix the lemon with your chosen carpet cleaner. This way you will be able to remove the stain much faster.
  • To get rid of old stains, you can also use beer. You can apply it directly on the coffee stain. You can then use a dry cloth or towel to remove the moisture. 

All of these home methods require time, extreme caution (a small slip-up can cost the homeowner a lot of money, because it can happen that the carpet will be completely ruined and it will have to be simply thrown out) and any costs. To be sure that you will have cleanliness and order, leave a request to our cleaners. 

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A chair is a universal object of furnishings. It is used to decorate the interior of different rooms, from the living room to offices. Stably high demand are designs with upholstered upholstery. They are characterized by convenience, but at the same time they get dirty quite quickly. Therefore, users often have to face the question of how to remove a stain on the chair.


An upholstered chair needs systematic cleaning from dust and dirt. The procedure should be carried out weekly. Its features are determined by the type of material from which the upholstery is made. In any case, it is necessary to avoid:

  • excessive wetting of the seat. Most manufacturers use furniture foam as a filler. The material gets wet quickly and takes a long time to dry. In its raw form, it is an ideal environment for the reproduction of pathogenic organisms. Another disadvantage is the unpleasant odor emitted by wet foam;
  • the use of aggressive cleaning agents. Their use can irreversibly damage the upholstery;
  • prolonged drying.

Often recommendations on how to clean upholstered chairs at home, contain only advice on tidying up the upholstery. But the frame also needs care. If it is made of wood, then you need to take into account that this material does not tolerate moisture well. To treat the lacquered surface, polishes applied to a flannel cloth are optimal. To remove stubborn dirt, mild detergents are suitable. After completing the procedure, the surface of the frame should be wiped dry.


To learn how to clean the upholstery of the chair, it is necessary to study household chemicals suitable for the material from which the seat is made. If there is a Teflon impregnation, it is acceptable to use wet wipes. But such upholstery can not be steamed and treated with alcohol. Another prohibition concerns the use of mechanical impact, as a result of which the product will be irrevocably damaged.

Textile upholstery looks very presentable, but it quickly passes water, which becomes a reason for the filling to get wet. In addition, the fabric takes a very long time to dry, which eliminates the possibility of using the chair for its intended purpose. Another disadvantage is susceptibility to contamination. Careless handling leads to the rapid appearance of stains on the fabric.

To properly clean the seat, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Remove dust from the textile upholstery with a brush or vacuum cleaner. In the latter case, it is recommended to use a crevice nozzle and set the unit to the minimum power;
  • treat the fabric parts of the chair with a special agent. The composition should be evenly distributed over the surface, paying special attention to stains;
  • remove the remnants of the product with a sponge;
  • place a terry towel on the seat for maximum quality absorption of excess moisture.

Often users wonder what to clean fabric chairs. For this purpose, upholstery preparations or oxygen bleaches are suitable. Special chemistry can be replaced with laundry soap.

Chairs with synthetic upholstery are predominantly used in offices. The best way to clean it from dirt is to use a foam for the interior of the vehicle. It gets rid of stains and unpleasant odor. As an alternative option, shaving foam is used. It should be applied for a quarter of an hour, and then carefully removed with a sponge.


Such upholstery is considered the most practical. The material does not let water pass through, which protects the filler from moisture. Leather chair is best treated with a special agent, which moisturizes the upholstery and preserves its elasticity. Alternatives:

  • mild dishwashing gel;
  • lemon juice. One small spoonful should be diluted in 1.5 cups of water;
  • ammonia. It should be mixed with water – one small spoonful per 200 g of liquid.

After completing the treatment, the seat should be polished with a balm.

Leather and eco-leather are cleaned with a neutral agent. It is strictly forbidden to use solvents, stain removers or petroleum products. If the stain is fresh, it is removed with a sponge soaked in soap solution. For persistent stains, a composition of water (10 parts) and alcohol (1 part) is suitable.

To keep the upholstery from leatherette as presentable as long as possible, it is recommended to use solutions for washing delicate fabrics for cleaning. But their temperature should be no higher than 45 degrees.


For designs upholstered with tufted fabric, it is not worthwhile to engage a vacuum cleaner. The fabric can be refreshed with a mixture of vinegar or salt and water (one small spoon per liter of liquid).

To remove dust, it is enough to cover the seat with a wrung towel, and then pat it with your hand. The last stage – smoothing the surface with a brush, taking into account the direction of the pile. If stains appear, it is necessary to apply a soap solution or special water-based products to the problem area. Before applying the composition, it is desirable to test them on a small inconspicuous area.

Flock upholstery is considered very practical. But due to the adhesive base, it is not recommended to wet it abundantly. To remove stains, you can use water-based chemistry. Do not use turpentine, white spirit and other aggressive preparations.

A seat made of jacquard is best washed by hand, but the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Care should be taken when wringing it out. Chairs should not be dried in direct sun.

To clean upholstered chairs made of microfiber, means that do not include aggressive components are used. To remove the stain, it is required to apply a mixture of vinegar and water (one large spoonful diluted in a liter of liquid).


Furniture care includes not only its regular cleaning from dust. In addition, it is necessary to know how to clean an upholstered chair from stains. The basic rules are as follows:

  • do not rub dirt into the fabric;
  • carefully use water to prevent excessive moisturizing of the chair;
  • after the procedure is completed, blot the chair to remove excess moisture;
  • if possible, remove stains immediately so that they do not have time to become embedded in the fabric;
  • apply the stain remover on a cloth, not on the seat;
  • when treating a stain, move from the edge to the center.

As improvised means it is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide, if the stain is left by blood, a mixture of equal parts of ammonia and vinegar to remove juice from berries and fruits, as well as alcohol. Soap solution is a universal option, coping with most contaminants.

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Cigarette smoke odor is one of the most persistent and difficult to remove. It soaks into walls, furniture and textiles. In a room where people often smoke, you can see a yellow tarry deposit on the walls, which also acts as a source of unpleasant “amber”. It is impossible to stay in such an apartment or house for a long time, and to live – even more so. There is a feeling of squeamishness, worsens well-being and mood. It is necessary to get rid of the problem! 


We will not talk about the harm of smoking, it is obvious, because not all people can easily give up cigarettes. First of all, you need to get rid of the habit of “vapor” in the house and in the car. Smoke will stop penetrating into every corner of the room or salon, you will not have to solve a difficult problem. When the body by habit requires another dose of nicotine, it is better to go outside and enjoy a cigarette in a specially designated place.


It is pointless to seek answers to the question: “What interrupts the smell of tobacco?” when the apartment or balcony is full of ashtrays. The containers with cigarette butts should be regularly cleaned and washed, because they smell very unpleasant, even if they are far away from you. Waiting for them to be completely full is another bad habit. Ashtrays are completely impregnated with harmful substances, so they need regular cleaning.

How to eliminate the smell of cigarettes on the balcony, where they constantly smoke? This is not an easy task, because all finishing materials, frames and windows are impregnated with it. If there are boxes, old things and so on, the problem is aggravated. Cardboard should be disposed of and clothes should be washed. General cleaning and cleaning of all surfaces is a must.


Wherever there is a smell of tobacco (on the balcony, in the toilet, in the office or living room), first you need to provide access to fresh air. Open all windows and doors, ventilate the apartment for at least a day. It is especially effective to do this in windy weather. When it is hot outside, the result will be disappointing.

Important: in the bathroom and in the toilet necessarily check the functionality of ventilation systems. 

After airing, you can begin to treat all surfaces. To remove the smell of cigarettes, walls, floors and other washed with a solution consisting of water and vinegar. This is the beginning of the general cleaning, during which no moisture-resistant product is missed.

Treat window sills, windows and other things, do not forget to constantly change the water and add the solution to it. Vinegar is great at removing unpleasant odors! To remove persistent “odors” in the room, additionally hang a towel soaked in the solution.

The following inexpensive means cope well with the task of absorbing unpleasant odors:

  • baking soda;
  • cat litter;
  • activated charcoal.

During the general cleaning, pay attention to every corner, small details and boldly part with what is no longer important to you. Give curtains, tulle and other textiles to the dry cleaner, or better yet, buy new ones. Do not forget about blinds, wash them completely with detergent and hang them outside to dry completely.

The next stage of general cleaning is to replace the light bulbs. The old ones have already absorbed cigarette smoke and emit a disgusting odor when switched on. They should be disposed of, otherwise the clean room will again be uncomfortable in the evening, when you need artificial light sources.


It seems that the smell of tobacco is irretrievably absorbed into sofas, armchairs, mattresses, but it is not so. Furniture can be saved by giving it a second life and providing yourself with comfortable conditions for rest. Some people manage to cope with the task themselves, others – have to contact a specialized company.

You need to know how to remove the smell of tobacco from the furniture, otherwise it can be ruined. Do not use aggressive chemicals, bleaching compositions and other toxic means. Prepare the solution yourself, using the following:

  • water;
  • carpet cleaner;
  • vinegar.

Take a large washcloth and thoroughly treat every centimeter of furniture. Preliminary it should be vacuumed. In the same way clean the carpet, but with a mattress is more difficult. The most correct solution will be to order a dry cleaning service.

Important: after cleaning upholstered furniture upholstery repeatedly and repeatedly wipe with a washcloth soaked in water to remove detergent residue. 

In practice, it is quite difficult to remove the smell of tobacco from mattresses, carpets and sofas. If you are afraid of spoiling interior items, it is better to contact our company at once.

Tivacleaners Cleaning Checklist

There are, on average, about 165 tasks we perform in the typical home while cleaning. This is not a point-by-point inspection list; it merely summarizes the overall focus and extent to which we go to create an industry-wide best in a TIVA Cleaners.

  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned and sanitized (all items removed and cleaned behind)
  • Sink cleaned and sanitized
  • Window above the sink clean and free of smudges
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Cabinet exteriors cleaned
  • Appliance exteriors are cleaned
  • Microwave is cleaned inside and out
  • Small appliances are wiped down
  • Walls and fixtures cobwebbed
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Pictures and ledges cobwebbed
  • Trash is emptied
  • Throw rugs are shaken out or vacuumed
  • Kitchen nook dusted
  • Pantry Vacuumed
  • Floors edged and vacuumed
  • Baseboards are wiped down
  • Floors are hand washed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed
  • Sinks cleaned and sanitized
  • Countertops cleaned and sanitized
  • Glass is clean and free of smudges
  • Cabinet exteriors are cleaned
  • Shower and tub are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Chrome is shined
  • Toilet is cleaned and sanitized (base and behind)
  • Walls and fixtures are cobwebbed
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Window sills are wiped down
  • Trash is emptied
  • Switch plates are clean
  • Pictures and ledges are cobwebbed
  • Baseboards are wiped down
  • Closet is vacuumed
  • Throw rugs are shaken out or vacuumed
  • Floor is hand washed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed
  • Glass is clean and free of smudges
  • Walls, fixtures, ceiling fans, and baseboards are cobwebbed
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Trash and paper shredders are emptied
  • Beds are made
  • Rooms are tidied
  • All furniture is dusted
  • Decor is dusted
  • Glass is cleaned (excluding windows)
  • One set of French doors are cleaned (inside and out)
  • Front storm door is cleaned
  • All upholstery is vacuumed
  • Floors are edged and vacuumed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed

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James Smith

May 18, 2023

Excellent service and professional customer service. by technicians. We had used the same technician several times in the past.


Deborah M.

April 16, 2023

Thank ­you so very much – when I was told by my Dr. that I could no longer vacuum and do a lot of the cleaning I used to do – I made the decision to go with TIVA cleaners and I have been a very happy client!


Farah Martinez

June 1, 2023

I’ve used this company a number of times now and find them very easy to work with. You can make appointments online, by phone or text. They’re super responsive. They do a great job cleaning and their costs are very reasonable.


Jake Z.

July 16, 2023

Model company all around, and fantastic experience from beginning to end. They were very responsive with my qu estions, and very quick with providing a quote. Scheduling was also very easy, and they showed up on time and did great job. Very nice technicians and hard workers. Everyone was extremely nice and responsive, and at a very reasonable price.


Marissa Villegas

July 2, 2023

I'm so happy I went with this company and will definitely be using them from now on for my carpets. They did a great job, but the professionalism and candor of everyone I spoke and worked with is just wonderful.


Sirlei Franco

June 3, 2023

I want to thank the team at Cleaner's Secret for the wonderful job they are doing in my salon. My clients are safe in a clean, disinfected environment with a pleasant clean scent.


Brian MacFee

June 28, 2023

I would like to share my positive experience with TIVA cleaners. They provided me with high-quality services, demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail. The team was friendly, responsive, and always ready to assist. I highly recommend TIVA cleaners to anyone looking for a reliable clearing partner.


Lisa Dooley

September 4, 2023

Professional, responsive and excellent customer service. Regardless of the size or scope, Apple Corps is a great choice.

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