We appreciate if you will provide our cleaning team with a clutter-free environment. If that environment does not exist, we may not be able to fully complete your clean.
If you’re ever unhappy with an area we cleaned, we’ll return the next day and reclean it.
A team of professional housecleaners, trained and employed by TIVA cleaners inc, will clean your home. All of our employees are uniformed, fully insured, and bonded. They will not eat, drink, smoke, or operate any appliances while inside your home.
We provide all cleaning equipment and products. If you have a special cleaning product that you would like for us to use, please be sure to discuss this with the local office owner or manager in advance, so that they can properly instruct their team.
When determining your home cleaning cost we recognize that every home is as unique as the homeowner. We base your exact price on many factors including pets, clutter, floor types, as well as, the number of people who live there. Call +18252887200 for a free phone estimate and schedule an appointment to meet with the local owner or manager for more details about our service and an exact price to clean your home.
The Detail-Clean Rotation System starts with two initial cleans. The initial cleans get your house detail clean by cleaning areas other companies often neglect. Because these two cleans take additional time we typically charge an additional fee. After your initial cleans, the price will not vary between visits.
While we can commit to a specific day, there are many factors throughout the day that may affect our actual arrival time. If you desire an estimated time of arrival on the day of your clean, please call us, and we’ll be glad to oblige.
Absolutely not. In fact, most of our customers prefer not to be home when we clean!
If you have pets, we ask that you prevent them from entering the areas that we clean. For sanitary and safety reasons, our teams of residential cleaning professionals are not permitted to clean flea infested homes or pick up animal excrement.
Payment is due the day of each scheduled clean. Most of our customers simply leave a check on the kitchen counter or pay by major credit card (credit cards accepted at participating locations only). Please contact your local office for details.
Yes. We are fully bonded and insured and we also have WSIB and workers’ compensation for our staff.
Please let us know over the phone if you have any specific instructions for us before we enter your home for the first time and you are not there. We most often clean homes and businesses when their owners are not home and find that if our customers have a specific need, they will often leave us a note detailing a change they’d like to be made or an area that they’d like us to give special focus to.
The most convenient and secure way for us to get inside is with a key that you have provided to us. Please rest assured that your key is secure and kept safe by our staff. To ensure security, we colour code the keys without using any address labels so that if a key is lost by accident, there will be no identifying information about you or your address on it. Each morning the keys are signed out and then signed back in at night and locked in our safe for safekeeping. Giving us a key is also a great idea because we’ll be able to get into your space even if you forget that it is your cleaning day!
Generally, yes. If you have your cleanings scheduled for the same time and day each week, you will have the same cleaners at your location. If you need to change your time and day, we will do our best to keep the same cleaners on your location but cannot guarantee it.
Yes, we guarantee all of our work and we will not leave a job site until you are completely satisfied. Most of our customers are repeat customers and referrals are our best sources of new business.
No problem! If you have sensitivities to certain chemicals, scents or cleaning products, we’re happy to use cleaning products that you provide instead of the products that we normally use.
A representative from The Cleaning Authority will be happy to answer any questions you may have about green home cleaning. Feel free to call us now at +18252887200.