Advantages of stained glass window cleaning by professional cleaners

View glazing is characterized by a large area and provides maximum visibility. Stained glass windows are not only beautiful but also very expensive. They are most often handmade by virtuoso craftsmen and are used in authentic style buildings, as well as in church establishments. At the same time, the owners of such windows are incredibly difficult to keep them clean, which is due to the large area and complexity of the window structures themselves:

  • the presence of hand-painted, decorative elements
  • non-opening frame
  • limited access to the facade side, etc.

A presentable appearance undoubtedly requires regular cleaning of windows and facades, snow and ice clearing, exterior cosmetic and serious installation work. Given the height and, as a consequence, the inaccessibility of some places, the performance of these standard works will involve additional difficulties. The usual erection of scaffolding and other devices in the course of maintenance of high-rise buildings is quite costly, inefficient and requires a large amount of time to carry out the work. On their own, without the help of specialists, to perform washing of stained glass windows is definitely not possible. It requires special equipment and a high level of professionalism.

Stained glass windows should also be cleaned using gentle detergents to avoid damaging the expensive coating. Panoramic window cleaning will require the use of special gear and cleaning equipment, especially if the glazing is located at a high altitude.

We help our clients to solve these types of problems. “Tivacleaners” craftsmen are experienced in performing such tasks and have the necessary certifications and permits to work at heights. They will get to any point of your panoramic glazing – from the bottom, side or top. We have the necessary equipment to perform panoramic window cleaning at the highest level, in a short time, with a quality guarantee. We will wash your stained glass windows at a time when there will be no visitors (before opening or after closing the establishment), so as not to create discomfort for them.

Technology of cleaning panoramic windows

Cleaners thoroughly but gently clean the panoramic windows from all types of contamination using a scraper or a special chemical abrasive (if the first method is not suitable due to the peculiarities of the coating), which does not leave scratches.

Chemistry is selected taking into account the specific type of surface, as well as the level of dirt.

If the dirt cannot be cleaned by standard methods, high-pressure units are used. This equipment is used on large areas and only when the physical properties of the surface allow it. After washing, the windows are rubbed with soft sponges to give a mirror-like shine.

To make the view windows perfectly transparent after cleaning without streaks and streaks, they are subjected to additional drying – excess moisture is removed with the help of a rubber screed.

Can I be sure that my windows will remain unharmed after cleaning?

Our cleaning service employs only experienced cleaners with certificates of completion of special training courses. They know perfectly the peculiarities of their work and perform it responsibly and accurately. At the same time, in an emergency situation, in case of damage to property, we undertake to compensate for the damage.

To summarize, we note that stained glass washing by the specialists of the cleaning company in Calgary is basically the only possible option for surface care. This is because stained glass and panoramic windows are difficult to maintain. In addition, we can also boast: pleasant prices for services, quality assurance, safety of cooperation for the client and more.

January 2 2024