Cleaning a billiard table at home

Billiard table is a stylish interior item and a mandatory element of sports clubs. Over time, its surface gets stains from beer, wine and other drinks, chalk marks, grease and other contaminants. To keep its presentable appearance for a long time, it is recommended to clean it regularly. Let’s consider how to clean a billiard table at home, what means should be used for different elements, as well as common mistakes in caring for it.

How to clean the cloth on the billiard table

Billiard table, like other sports equipment, needs regular maintenance. First of all, you should pay attention to the table cloth, which quickly gets dirty. When caring for it, it is forbidden to use ordinary detergents and cleaners. They are not only ineffective in most cases, but can also cause damage to the expensive cloth or wooden elements of the billiard table. This also applies to the brushes, sponges and other tools used. Therefore, you will have to buy special accessories and cleaning products to take care of the table. 

Cleaning the billiard table will require several items:

  • A special cleaner for the cloth;
  • wood polish;
  • microfiber cloth;
  • a soft rag used to polish the wooden elements of the table;
  • horsehair brush;
  • a vacuum cleaner and a special round and long nozzle.

The most common time to clean a cloth is when the surface is already heavily stained. Therefore, cleaning requires the use of professional detergents. As a rule, there are traces of chalk, spilled drinks, tobacco and food on the billiard table.

If there are chalk crumbs on the billiard style, it is better to use a special aerosol to remove them, otherwise you can smear chalk all over the cloth. With a large amount of debris and dust, you can remove them with a vacuum cleaner. But you need to be very careful. The cloth has a certain tension, which is easily damaged by this procedure. Therefore, the use of a vacuum cleaner is allowed only if you are able to clean without risk to the structure.

Among the most difficult are stains from wine and beer. These can be not only drops of drink, but also traces from the glasses left on the cloth itself or the sides of the table. There are specialized products that help to remove such stains. However, they should be applied to a dry cloth and then removed with a damp microfiber.

How to clean a billiard table

Regardless of the frequency of use, a pool table needs regular maintenance. And if it is in a bar or sports club, cleaning a pool table will be quite difficult. It is necessary to arm yourself with special detergents, a brush with horsehair and rags. At the same time, different elements of the table will require a different approach and cleaning agents.

Table cloth cleaning

Cleaning the cloth on the billiard table is the most difficult process. The material quickly absorbs spilled drinks, and it is almost impossible to get rid of chalk marks without special means. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out regular preventive cleaning to avoid the appearance of ingrained stains.

To do this, you should have a whole set of brushes made of horsehair or nylon. The first option is preferable, but will cost more. If the cleaning of the table is infrequent, you can use one combined brush that has a long and short pile. To remove the dust, you should perform jerky movements in the direction of the pile towards the sides and then sweep it into the puddles.

After dry cleaning, wet cleaning should be performed. To do this, you should use a microfiber or other cloth that does not leave traces on the cloth. It should be slightly soaked in water or add a little special detergent. At the same time, you should pay special attention to hard-to-reach places, such as corners and the edge. After wet cleaning, you should once again use a special brush to smooth the pile of the cloth.

Regular cleaning of the billiard table takes minimum time and allows you to extend the shelf life of even inexpensive cloth. But to clean the billiard table cloth from stains is much more difficult.

Cleaning other parts of the table

In addition to cleaning the cloth, you should also pay attention to the pockets where dust accumulates. For this you can use the same cloth brush or vacuum cleaner.

Next, it is necessary to pay attention to wooden elements. For the manufacture of a billiard table, expensive wood is used, which needs careful care. It is covered with a special varnish or paint, which prolong the service life and give the billiard table a solid appearance.

Therefore, to care for the wooden elements of the billiard table you should use a soft rag. It allows you to give these parts a shine without the risk of leaving scratches and scuffs. Additionally, it is recommended to use wood polish. Preference should be given to products that are specially designed for the care of billiard tables.

Ball and cue care

When caring for the cues, special attention should be paid to the stickers on them. It is important that they are not knocked off and not crumbled. Otherwise, such a cue can spoil expensive cloth, because of which the billiard table will be in disrepair. The cue should be stored in a special case that protects it from high humidity, direct sunlight and temperature changes. It should not lie near heating devices. It is better to store the cue in a horizontal position.

If you follow the rules of cue care, it will serve for a long time and your hands will glide on it perfectly. And if after a few months of use the cue hangs, it means that the rules of care and storage were violated.

Special attention should be paid to cleaning balls. To do this, use a special polish, which will not damage the cloth. It is not recommended to replace them with folk remedies. To remove strong contaminants, you can use a microfiber soaked in alcohol. After that, thoroughly treat the balls with polishes.

Balls should be stored in a place protected from light. After the game should not leave them on the table. There are special boxes for this purpose. If deep damage appears on them, the balls should be replaced. Otherwise, the cloth will have to be replaced, and this will cost more.

Mistakes in billiard table care

There are a number of mistakes that can be made when caring for a pool table. These include:

  • using chemicals that are not designed for the billiard table;
  • use abrasive rags and washcloths that cause damage to the smooth surface of the cue, balls and wooden elements of the cloth;
  • use vacuum cleaner carelessly;
  • remove dirt from the cloth with chlorine-based stain removers;
  • leave the table, cue and balls in constant exposure to light – they should be stored in boxes and special covers.
  • If you follow the rules of care and operation, the billiard table will last a long time without the need to re-tighten the cloth or change the cue and balls.

Table dry cleaning services

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December 31 2023