Cleaning curtains: is it worth turning to specialists?

In this article we will tell you about the most affordable ways of cleaning curtains, which do not require manual or automatic washing. Tulle and curtains with the addition of synthetic fiber can easily be refreshed in the washing machine. But what to do with heavy curtains made of expensive natural fabrics, what kind of care should they provide? It should be taken into account that they require more delicate treatment – accordingly, they should be cleaned very carefully. Let’s talk about this below.

The most popular ways of cleaning curtains

In order to properly clean curtains at home, it is necessary:

  • Clean the soiled areas with soap. If the curtains got splashes from drinks, dirt or dust stains appeared, there is no need to clean the whole fabric. For local cleaning you will need laundry soap and an old toothbrush. Having slightly moistened the fabric, it is rubbed with soap, after which the softened contamination is scrubbed off with a toothbrush and rinsed with clean water. This method is suitable for eliminating harmless stains and practically does not carry any danger, but the main thing is not to overdo it in the use of the brush, so as not to leave scuffs.
  • Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. In rooms and halls with windows on the roadway side, curtains are very susceptible to dust contamination. A vacuum cleaner running at minimum power will help to freshen them up. Leading manufacturers of household appliances equip their products with nozzles specially designed for this purpose. To clean the curtains is also suitable furniture nozzle or a homemade device in the form of a gauze bandage, which is fixed with an elastic band on the vacuum cleaner tube.
  • Use a steam jet. Steam cleaners are a great invention not only for cleaning upholstered furniture, but also for maintaining the appearance of curtains. Cleaning with hot steam jets replaces delicate washing and is suitable for many fabrics. Steam cleaning is not the same as full-fledged washing, because the collected dust still remains in the texture of the fabric (because the steam cleaner does not suck it inside). Before you start steam cleaning, be sure to find out if this method can be used in your particular case. Also remember that if the fibers of the fabrics from which the curtains are made are prone to shrinkage, they should not be washed or steamed.

If your curtains or drapes are made of expensive materials: batiste, silk, linen, muslin, brocade, moire or velvet and require additional care, we advise you to contact us. It is definitely not worth saving money, because spoiled material will cost a lot in the end. And so, delegating such a delicate task to the specialists of cleaning in Calgary you can be absolutely calm, because our cleaning specialists perfectly understand all the nuances of cleaning curtains from different fabrics, know how to get rid of stains of different origins. It should be noted that we guarantee not only a perfect result, but also that in the case of damage to the material will fully compensate for the damage. Cleaning in Calgary is the key to your peace of mind and a beautiful and clean home.

January 5 2024