Cleaning of cafes and restaurants

Regular cleaning of restaurants and other catering establishments is essential. The image of a place of rest depends on the cleanliness of the hall and sanitary facilities, and the health of customers depends on the state of the kitchen. Some people mistakenly believe that cleaning in HoReCa sphere is cleaning of dining and banquet halls only. Not at all. Hygienic cleanliness in the restaurant kitchen and other rooms is a part of normal operation of the establishment, not to mention the fact that such requirements are imposed by the controlling sanitary authorities. Professional cleaning in HoReCa industry is also an opportunity to save money on major and current repairs. Practice shows that special technologies within the framework of complex cleaning can increase the continuous service life of upholstered furniture, coverings, etc. by at least one third.

Compliance with hygiene standards, speed and discreetness – these are probably the main principles that must be followed during cleaning in order to achieve the desired result and… not to scare away visitors. That is why the cleaning of the hall is carried out after hours, and the cleaning of the kitchen – during the working break. And in general dust on surfaces, dirty spots can ruin the reputation of any institution, so the quality of cleaning should be taken care of in advance, even before opening. Tiva Cleaners can easily cope with cleaning of any complexity, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, cleaning after repair. Our specialists know all the subtleties of cleaning different types of coatings and not only.

Catering establishments are subject to strict requirements. Failure to comply with sanitary norms can lead to fines and even the closure of cafes or restaurants. To avoid this, regular cleaning of cafes and restaurants is necessary. To maintain cleanliness, it is necessary to take care of such types of cleaning as:

  • Daily cleaning is a service that is ordered on a regular basis. As part of this service, cleaners are engaged in cleaning, disinfection of bathroom fixtures, tiles, door handles and other surfaces in bathrooms, removal of dirt from floor coverings. Also daily cleaning involves wet cleaning of all rooms, wiping baseboards, tables and chairs, shelves, bar counters. Also, when performing this cleaning, it is necessary to take care that contaminants are removed from cooking surfaces, stoves, clean sinks, tables, work surfaces.
  • Post-renovation cleaning – required before opening, after moving into a new premises or after renovation. The work involves cleaning the walls, ceiling, floor, wet cleaning. An obligatory stage – cleaning and washing of the bathroom, kitchen. Our specialists cleaning company in Calgary will remove lime scale from the surfaces of sinks, toilets, tiles, etc. We will clean cooktops, stoves from contaminants – household and construction. We will wash windows, remove dust and dirt from glass and mirror surfaces, polish furniture. If necessary, our cleaners will carry out dry cleaning of carpets, upholstery of sofas, armchairs. We have all the necessary equipment and tools that are needed to perform this type of work. You can be sure that the surfaces will look clean and will not be damaged in any way during the cleaning process.

General cleaning of restaurants, cafes or bars includes work that cleaners do not perform during daily cleaning. This includes washing windows, facades, cleaning window frames, removing dirt from external and internal surfaces. Our cleaners will carry out deep cleaning of carpeting or other floor coverings, remove stains and dirt from them, treat them with disinfectants. General cleaning of bars includes putting the kitchen in order: disinfection of vertical and horizontal surfaces, cleaning of hoods, treatment of stoves, ovens, cooking surfaces. Cleaners will remove dust and dirt from the walls, ceiling, floor, clean lighting fixtures. In the hall we perform dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, polishing of wooden and glass surfaces. General cleaning includes cleaning of bathroom fixtures in the toilet room, disinfection of surfaces, polishing of mirrors.

By contacting our cleaning company in Calgary you will save your personal time and get impeccable results for an affordable price.

October 16 2023