Cleaning the apartment or house after cockroach baiting

Recently, many apartment dwellers have forgotten about the appearance of such unpleasant insects as cockroaches. This is due to the fact that for a certain period of time, the pests simply disappeared from human housing. However, such a period has passed and in decent apartments, in kitchens and bathrooms again appeared these unpleasant crawlers.

Under the procedure of destruction of insects means a number of activities, including disinfestation. Disinsection allows you to get rid of toxins, pathogens that are causative agents of diseases of various kinds. To carry out this procedure, they use specially designed poisons, contact with which should be avoided not only by children and animals, but also by adults. Further in the article you will learn how to properly clean the apartment after roach baiting.

How the apartment is cleaned after cockroach baiting

After disinfestation, traces of chemical components remain on surfaces, furnishings and other elements in the apartment. Thanks to professional cleaning of the apartment after disinfestation, the apartment is absolutely safe to live in. Cleaning is the final stage of disinfestation, which guarantees safety for people and animals.

The main difficulty of cleaning the apartment after roach baiting is that for disinfection to be effective, it is necessary to thoroughly treat all places in the house. Therefore, in order to eliminate traces of chemistry in the apartment, it is necessary to thoroughly wash all items in the room.

After 2-3 days after sanitizing, you should:

  • using a soda solution, wash all dishes;
  • get rid of dead cockroaches that may remain after disinfection on the floor or other surfaces;
  • vacuum floors, couches, baseboards and carpeting;
  • using a damp cloth, wipe down all surfaces;
  • using disinfectant, wipe down all room handles.

Ventilating the room after the disinfection procedure

Of course, after sanitizing, everyone wants to air out the apartment from chemicals as soon as possible.

Trusting the professionals of their business, one can not worry about health safety. In the process of cleaning by the specialists of TivaCleaners after cockroach baiting the specialists use only ecological means, which are absolutely safe for people and pets.

That is why after the employees of the cleaning company finish their work, it is not recommended to open the windows for airing immediately. For the effectiveness of the preparations, they should be left for about three hours, and at this point it is better to leave the room, going for a walk.

Clothes and toys: what to do with them?

The best option before disinfection is to pack all clothes, objects and toys in polyethylene. However, not everyone does this, as it increases the risk that pests may hide there and the procedure will be ineffective.

In the event that things have been chemically treated, they need a thorough washing at a temperature of at least 80 degrees. This is also true for curtains, bedspreads, bed linen and other textiles.

Advantages of cleaning

Carrying out cleaning services to clean the apartment after roach baiting allows you to get rid of unpleasant odors after the procedure, as well as clean all surfaces from traces of chemicals.

In the process of work such devices are used as:

  • steam generators;
  • mild household chemicals;
  • equipment for washing;
  • vacuum cleaners.

Turning to the specialists of the cleaning company, you will get an effective result in the form of perfectly clean and safe for living housing and save your own time and money.

March 29 2024