Features of care for mosaics made of marble, glass and other materials 

Mosaic is one of the oldest art forms in the world, practiced for thousands of years in almost all corners of the globe. Today, mosaic tiles are still popular among designers and architects, and the variety of materials and patterns is greater than ever: from ceramics to glass, with classic square or non-standard patterns. Thus, mosaics can be used to decorate
– kitchen apron. Increased strength, good heat resistance, low maintenance and good aesthetic characteristics make mosaic one of the most favorite options for decorating this part of the kitchen space for many people;
– built-in shelves. Mosaic made of glass or travertine allows you to correctly place accents and highlight individual elements of the room;
– an accent wall in the room, or a panel (it will perfectly emphasize the peculiar aesthetic image of the interior, creating a visual bright accent in it);
– hammam in the house. In addition to its beauty, the mosaic has high performance characteristics, excellent water repellency and wear resistance. It can be used at any temperature and can even be used to cover curved surfaces. For this room, the mosaic will become a source of decoration and pride for many years;
– floors in the house. This material is used to lay out floors with imitation carpets and artistic panels, with the beauty of which no other facing material can compete. In addition to the practicality of the coating, the mosaic in this case performs decorative functions, refreshing the interior. A high-quality floor mosaic will serve for a long time and flawlessly. It consists of durable materials (glass, ceramics, marble fragments), carefully polished and coated with substances that increase surface adhesion. Even when water gets on such a coating, it does not slip;
– swimming pools, etc.
However, regardless of whether you use marble or glass mosaics in your home, they require some care.
Here are some tips that will help make it easier to maintain your mosaic:
– avoid chemicals and abrasive products. To care for the mosaic, it is better to use products based on organic soap or household floor cleaners without ammonia in their composition. As for the “tools”, you should not use rags with steel elements, etc.; only soft sponges are ideal for cleaning;
– remember to clean as often as possible. Do not wait until dust and other contaminants accumulate on the mosaic, because all dirt particles are abrasive substances that deteriorate the appearance of the surface over time;
– We should not forget about the need to provide additional surface protection. This can be done by treating the surface with special strengthening impregnations or sealants that increase the service life of the concrete floor. Apply them according to the instructions. A greater decorative effect can be achieved by coating the floor with a special varnish (however, such actions should be coordinated with one of the specialized specialists, because failure to comply with the technology can lead to the opposite result);
– decorative glass mosaic can be cleaned with a glass cleaner and then polished with a dry cloth;
if the mosaic is heavily soiled, you can use cleaning agents with a low acid content, and you should strictly follow the instructions on the package. After cleaning the mosaic with products containing acids, rinse it thoroughly with plenty of warm water to wash off the remaining solution;
– a mixture of acetic acid and mustard can be used to remove scratches from the surface of glass mosaic tiles. The resulting paste is applied to a dry cloth and the damaged surface is thoroughly treated. By grinding the glass with such a “scrub”, small scratches disappear forever and repairs do not have to be made as soon as the surface appearance is damaged.

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November 26 2023