Floor coverings for offices and their care

When setting up an office, you can’t ignore the issue of choosing flooring and, of course, caring for it – determining whether you can clean the flooring yourself or call a specialized cleaning company in Calgary to do the cleaning. After all, no design detail should distract employees from the workflow, not even the floor. At the same time, nothing should make employees feel discouraged. To make the choice easier, we suggest considering a few requirements for the right flooring for office spaces.

Considering the flooring for the office from an aesthetic point of view it is worth paying attention to the area of the room, corporate style, specialization of the company. Even global corporations pay special attention to the design of floors: the aesthetic content of coverings can be very different (let’s not forget that competent design can attract potential customers).

In terms of practicality, office flooring should be safe, hard-wearing and easy to maintain. It is good if the flooring meets noise insulation standards. This will help employees not to be distracted by extraneous sounds and focus on their work. The installation of the flooring is also important. The faster and easier it is, the less costly the whole installation process will be. Also, don’t forget that the office is almost never empty. Pay attention to materials that will be easy to maintain

It is worth choosing a floor covering on which it will be comfortable and pleasant to walk. True, this is not the only task with which the flooring of the office space should cope. We advise you to choose environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to the health of employees. Often office owners use soundproof floors. Let’s not forget that different flooring materials can be used for zoning the space. Thus, it is possible to separate workplaces from recreation and other common areas.

The most practical and suitable floor coverings for office spaces are:

  • PVC flooring has many advantages, including moisture resistance, durability, elasticity, resistance to alkalis and acids. However, the most important advantage of using PVC coatings in your design project is the variety of color variations, among which you can choose the colors that perfectly fit into the style of your office space. PVC coating colors can vary from bright to soft, and the texture – from rough and smooth to glossy and matte. In addition, thanks to the use of modern technology, coatings of this type can look like any natural material (stone, wood, marble). By the way, it is PVC-tile is an excellent solution that will not only complement the overall design of the office, but also separate different zones from each other inside the room.
  • Carpeting. For office spaces, choose carpeting made of durable synthetic fibers. The ideal carpet for office premises will be a floor covering made of polyamide. This type of carpeting is characterized by high wear resistance and ease of cleaning. Coverings with a short pile are a priority. Carpeting is the best flooring option for meeting rooms, executive offices, recreation areas.
  • Marmoleum. The material is made of natural raw materials, the composition of which is dominated by environmentally friendly components: resins, linseed oil, wood flour. These components have a positive effect on the respiratory system, which in turn creates a favorable atmosphere for office workers who spend most of their time indoors. Marmoleum is ideal for laying in different areas of office premises. For example, acoustic variants of Marmoleum can be used for meeting rooms. Strict designs will be an excellent solution for reception areas or individual office rooms. For recreation areas or open spaces it is better to choose brightly colored variants.

Before you buy flooring for your office space, you need to consider all factors, from safety to practicality. The above options are the most suitable solutions to ensure the comfort and safety of employees in office spaces, which, thanks to their versatility, will create an ideal working environment, becoming an indispensable addition to your design project.

No matter what type of flooring you choose, we can help you keep it clean. Our cleaning company will be happy to help clean marmoleum, laminate, tiles, etc. Cleaning company in Calgary is your key to success, because a beautiful and well-maintained office is the business card of any company. The way it positions itself directly affects sales, the desire to cooperate with it from the contractors and not only.

November 17 2023