How and with what to clean a plastic window sill board

In the process of use the surface of the window sill board gets dirty and looks unkempt. How to clean a plastic window sill – today we will talk about it. Ease of care for the surface is an absolute plus and PVC window sill in this aspect is an unambiguous leader.

In many cases, wash the plastic window sill from stains and dirt can be applied with minimal effort. Stains from dirt and dust are easily washed off with soapy solutions of detergents. But how to wash plastic window sills from rust, from primer, from glue, from mounting foam? How to clean a plastic window sill to white we will talk below. We want to reassure you, even strong contaminants can sometimes be cleaned without a trace.

Tips: How to keep your window sill looking presentable for longer

  • Take into account the nature of the dirt in order to choose the right detergent.
  • Place coasters, saucers and/or silicone mats under flower pots to prolong the life of the product, make cleaning easier and avoid yellow streaks from pot water on the surface.
  • Do not place hot pans and pots on the surface – this can melt the plastic and leave unsightly marks that will lead to replacement of the product as a whole.
  • Care for the surface of the sill board in the kitchen more often. Grease droplets accumulate on it faster, dust adheres to it, so it gets dirty faster.
  • Before using an aggressive detergent, test its effect on a small and inconspicuous area.
  • Be careful with abrasive cleaners, use them carefully as they can leave marks and scratches.
  • Remember that by cleaning PVC with solvents you can ruin the plastic, as a result you will need to replace the product.

How to clean a plastic window sill from yellow stains

Clean the plastic window sill from yellowing can be with such means as hydrogen peroxide, bleach in the form of gel or laundry powder, a solution of baking soda and vinegar.

  • Apply the peroxide to a napkin and wipe the pre-cleaned window sill board, rinse everything with water, wipe dry. The yellow window sill should lighten.
  • The same should be done with bleach, to remove a persistent stain, leave the bleach for 30 minutes, then rinse with water and wipe.
  • Apply vinegar-soda solution on the stain, add liquid soap, rub, leave the composition for some time, then wipe and rinse with water.

How to clean the window sill after mounting foam

This is already a more difficult task. During construction and repair work, it is recommended to protect both the window and the window sill surface from dust and dirt, so as not to damage, not to scratch with construction mixtures and not to acquire complex contamination.  And yet very often people ask the question how to wash the primer from the plastic window sill, wash it from the mounting foam.

  • Remove the side plugs from the sill board and remove all dust, dirt, construction debris.
  • Wash the surface.
  • Residues of putty and primer can be removed with abrasive means, act carefully, otherwise you can spoil the coating. Use a rubber spatula, toothbrush, soft cloth or sponge. Do not use excessive force.
  • Remains of foam can be removed with a special foam remover. These can be purchased at building supply stores. Soak the remaining foam, leave it for a while, remove the contamination with a brush or sponge.
  • Carefully perform all actions, the means are aggressive and can spoil the surface.

How to clean the window sill from paint?

Paint compositions on the snow-white surface should be removed as soon as possible. This applies to ordinary paint, and felt-tip pen, and marker, and even greenery, which is accidentally spilled on the window sill. If you manage to take action before the pigments are absorbed into the plastic, then the process of removing contaminants will be quick and easy. If you want to know how to clean the plastic window sill from the paint that just got on it, then just take a melamine sponge. It, like an eraser erasing a pencil on paper, removes coloring compounds and other persistent contaminants.

Silicate glue can also help. It should be applied to the contamination, but so that it does not go beyond the paint. Solidifying glue will shrink the paint, and when it dries completely, then with the help of a scraper you only need to remove the glue from the surface.

How to remove traces from flower pots?

Yellow streaks on the windowsill often appear due to the watering of flowers in pots. Get rid of the problem will help hydrogen peroxide: apply it to the stain for 2-3 minutes and wash off with water.

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February 6 2024