How often does an office need to be cleaned?

The office determines the prestige of the company in the eyes of guests, partners and employees. The first thing that every person who enters an office pays attention to is the interior, comfort and cleanliness. It is these three indicators that form the first impression of the company’s reputation and management. In addition, employees themselves feel more enthusiastic to come to the office and work with dedication when they are in a clean, neat environment. Employee productivity increases when there is no dust on the furniture around them, daylight comes in through clean windows, and carpeting does not emit odors. The order of cleaning the office is different from the home, has its own specifics. Often, completely different methods and professional means are used for this purpose. In dealing with office equipment, special care is required, which is well known to the professional cleaner.

Regardless of the size of the office space, it is necessary to periodically carry out comprehensive cleaning. However, the frequency of cleaning should be selected independently based on the following criteria:

– The number of employees working simultaneously;

– The scope of the company’s activities;

– Type of flooring.

In the office there are always many more people than in an ordinary apartment or house. Just imagine how much dirt from street shoes settles on the floor. And if instead of tiles there is carpeting? This leads to a significant accumulation of dust and dirt, which is then breathed by employees.

Cleaning frequency

If the total area of the office space exceeds 200 square meters, it is best to carry out wet cleaning every day before or after the working day. Since such an area usually involves the work of more than 10 people.

In what other cases it is necessary to do wet cleaning every day:

– Customers or couriers often come into the office wearing street shoes;

-Employees often travel out of the office to perform work duties (for example, if they are appliance repairmen or other service personnel);

– The office has carpeting (it should be vacuumed every day in this case).

Cleaning once a week is only possible in small offices with 1-3 employees who do not leave the office during the working day.

Types of Cleaning

Many people have a question about how often they need to do general cleaning in the office. If you have to mop the floors or vacuum 1-5 times a week, how often do you have to move furniture and wipe down light fixtures? Practice shows that general cleaning in a small, medium or large office should be carried out at least once a month. This involves washing curtains, wiping down lighting, washing windows, and scrubbing the floor behind cabinets and desks.

Factors contributing to the amount of dirt in the office:

– The room is near a busy road or highway (road dust enters the room through windows or vents);

– The office has a large number of cabinets, shelves, desks with stationery (a lot of dust accumulates on all these);

– Employees or visitors without a change of shoes often enter the room directly from the street;

-Toilet in the office is small and there is always a queue.

To keep the office always clean, it is worth to turn to professionals from the cleaning company TivaCleaners.

Why entrust office cleaning to professionals?

It is almost impossible to achieve the desired result on your own, because you may need different equipment and professional products. They are characterized by high concentration of active components and quite high cost. Therefore, turning to professionals becomes the best solution. 

If you order office cleaning from us, you can count on the ideal quality of work, a guarantee of reliability and adequate cost. Employees take full responsibility for how the relevant work in the office will be performed. This excludes the occurrence of force majeure in the form of furniture breakage and other similar difficulties. Perfect cleanliness of the entire office after completion of the work is guaranteed.

April 10 2024