How to choose a dirt mat for a home or commercial space?

In the period of fall-winter-spring, the question of choosing a court mat becomes very acute. Its main purpose is protection from dirt, moisture absorption, and aesthetic appeal. As a rule, we are talking about not even one, but two mats – in front of the front door and inside the room. An important requirement for both is their hygiene. Rugs should be easy to wash, because their cleaning should be carried out at least once a week (in the case when it comes to a private house or apartment) and once every few days when it comes to commercial premises, as well as quickly dry, because the humid environment is the most favorable conditions for the development of bacteria. The larger the area of the mat, the more it retains dirt.

Entrance mat

The exterior mat takes the brunt of the impact, so the most important quality for it is a ribbed or bristled surface to remove dirt from the soles of shoes in hard-to-reach places. Consequently, the more complex the structural pattern of the mat or the longer the pile, the better it copes with its task. To care for such a mat is not difficult, it is easy to wash. Also in front of the entrance to the house are very convenient mesh mats, they clean shoes well and at the same time do not require frequent washing, as small debris spills through the holes on the floor, so it is enough just to sweep under it. The most wear-resistant are rubber mats. A mat for the front door made of rubber can withstand temperature fluctuations without deforming or crumbling, and the rubber base prevents it from sliding on the floor.

If you have a mat in front of the front door, the mat in the room performs more of an auxiliary cleaning function, as well as aesthetic and organizational. A mat in the hallway is needed to clean dirt and dust from shoes more thoroughly. The mat under the door separates the “dirty zone” of the hallway, and prevents dirt from spreading throughout the house.

Entrance hall rug

Hallway mat for hallways most often has a rectangular shape, there are also semicircular and shaped. It is better if the size of the mat is larger than the width of the entrance door. For them it is also desirable non-slip rubber base, the rest of their characteristics should be chosen based on the habits and needs of the owners. Floor mat in the hallway is usually chosen from structural materials such as pile, microfiber, coconut fiber, rubber, foam materials.

Rugs made of synthetic materials such as polyamide and polypropylene are very durable and can last up to 10 years. They perfectly collect moisture and do not require special care – they can be washed in water and vacuumed. Their only drawback is their simple design, which is unlikely to be a decorative addition.

Microfiber mats usually have a very long pile. Their main advantage – high moisture absorption and the possibility of washing in washing machines. But such mats cannot boast of durability.

Pile-coated mats perfectly cope with shoe cleaning, moisture absorption due to a huge number of small lint. Care for such mats is more complicated – consists of cleaning it with a brush, but its moisture absorption and dirt-proofness quite pays for this hassle. An edged and pile mat prevents dirt from spreading around the house. Mud-proof mats with pile have a wider choice of colors and patterns – you can choose with an inscription or a patterned design that will complement the interior.

Mats made of natural coconut fiber take longer to dry, but have an attractive appearance while performing its main function of protection from moisture and dirt. Mudproof mat from coconut fiber is durable, does not lose its color over time. Such mats are not recommended to shake, it is enough to turn them inside out to knock out the dust. Rugs made of coconut fiber have a variety of designs: funny drawings, friendly inscriptions and original ornaments. Such a mat will be a wonderful addition to the interior of the hallway.

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January 4 2024