How to clean a crystal chandelier?

The direct function of lighting fixtures in the house – quality lighting, but they are also direct elements of the decor of each home. Crystal chandelier can decorate any interior, with its brilliance it harmoniously transforms the house. To shining product always had an attractive appearance, the cleanliness of lighting fixtures is also important. Dusty lamp will not give sophistication to any interior.

How to clean a crystal chandelier with pendants?

Crystal chandelier is the dream of every housewife, and regular cleaning is simply a necessity, because the luster of the product quickly fades under a layer of dust. It is, thanks to the shimmering under the sunlight, many housewives are so fond of this type of glass. But dust from the street, flying insects quickly contaminate the surface of the product, the shining luster is lost. A difficult question arises – how to wash a crystal chandelier? It is important to remember the basic rules for washing any lamps, because if it is located in the kitchen, there is a soot deposit on it, and if in the bathtub, there is a soap scum from water vapor. Different soiling requires different approaches to cleaning. It is necessary to regularly clean the lighting fixtures from fresh dirt by sweeping with a dust broom. Dry cloth should be removed formed cobwebs, wipe the lamps, clean the bases.  But, crystal chandelier requires periodic “general cleaning”, which implies a thorough cleaning of each element.

How to remove a crystal chandelier?

How to remove and wash, with what and how you can wash, a crystal chandelier with pendants to shine, not every hostess knows. First, disconnect it from the power supply, i.e. turn it off. Let the bulbs cool down completely, then unscrew them. After wiping the base with a dry cloth, the lamps with a slightly damp cloth. Remove all removable elements, pendants, decor.

It is ideal to remove all pendants and resort to cleaning by soaking.  

Among the available means for washing the chandelier are:

  • Ammonium hydroxide solution 10% (ammonia) + water

Mix 200 ml of warm water with a tablespoon (15 ml) of ammonia. Soak pendants, all removable elements in the solution for 5-10 minutes, then wash well, wipe dry. Crystal chandelier acquires its original shine, transparency, even the most stale stains are cleaned.

  • Table salt + table vinegar 9%

Mix in equal proportions (1 to 1) ordinary pure salt (without seasonings) and vinegar 9%. Pour the resulting solution into a basin with barely warm water (about 20-25 °). The crystal chandelier is placed all in the solution or only the pendants (that you managed to remove). Each element should be washed with a piece of bandage, gauze or cotton sponge in order to clean the surface of the product without scratches. Wipe each item dry. Good at cleaning contaminants from grease, soot, and cinders. Ideal to clean products that hang in the kitchen. Removes yellow deposits from cigarette smoke, the crystal chandelier is very shiny after washing it in this composition.

  • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) + 72% laundry soap.

Prepare a solution 1:1, soap can be rubbed or use liquid soap, pour into a basin of water, foam. Soak the parts for 5-10 minutes. After it is necessary to wash with an ordinary cloth, rinse. At the end, wipe dry. Soap will help to remove even old plaque on the parts, soda will give a fresh shine to all elements.

  • Calcined soda

For a basin of 10 liters, use 100 grams of soda ash, dissolve it well, wash all removable parts in the solution. Calcined soda is a universal cleaning agent that will help to easily remove soap scum, soot, returning shine to the product. 

It is good when all elements are removable and can be washed separately, but there are such fixtures that are quite difficult to remove from the ceiling. Here we will help and tell you: how to wash a crystal chandelier without removing it.

How to clean a crystal chandelier without removing it? 

If the main frame cannot be removed, first clean it with a damp cloth soaked in a solution of ammonia or glass cleaner. Afterwards, wipe the products dry well, as any remaining moisture or drops may cause a short circuit.

Today, there are some products on the market that help to keep lighting fixtures clean – these are antistatic sprays. If your crystal chandelier after treatment with a broom has acquired a fresh look, and it is not necessary to wash it thoroughly, then treat the pendants spray-antistatic. The composition of this product allows you to prolong the purity of crystal, and dust will not settle on the elements for a long time. With this regular cleaning and antistatic treatment, you can keep it clean for a long time.

When “dry” cleaning without removing the lamp, use special microfiber cloths that do not leave streaks and microscratches on the surface, or a gauze piece that will replace the microfiber.

We have considered the main options of how to clean the lighting fixture, if it can be removed. Of course, this option will perfectly remove all contaminants, but it is important to remember that it is important not to harm the crystal when washing. There are a few basic rules that should be followed, whether you clean the crystal light fixture without removing or soaking it.

How to clean a crystal chandelier from dirt without damaging it?

  • Water temperature should not exceed 27 °, crystal fades at high temperatures and return the former transparency and shine will be quite difficult;
  • use a plastic basin for washing, because metal can be scratched or broken elements;
  • to enhance the shine, at the end of any cleaning, dip the pendants in a solution of vinegar (5 liters of water + 100 ml of vinegar 9%), if you use “dry” cleaning without removing the chandelier, then wipe with a cloth soaked in this solution all the elements, and then wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.

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November 8 2023