How to clean a glossy kitchen quickly and effectively

A kitchen with a glossy facade looks very aesthetic and attractive. But the care of such a headset requires a lot of effort and time. In this article we will tell you how to clean a glossy kitchen as efficiently as possible, so that it will please its owners for a long time.

Types of glossy surfaces

Four main methods are often used to produce furniture fronts with a glossy surface. This can be plastic, paint, PVC film or acrylic coating.

Plastic coating

Plastic-applied kitchens refer to highly durable options. Chipboard or MDF boards are not usually used for this type of coating. A plastic sheet is applied to the front side of the facade. It is usually applied by postforming, under pressure and high temperature.

This coating must be cleaned with non-aggressive detergents.

When washing the plastic sheeting, you do not have to worry about it getting wet. This material is completely waterproof. It has a fairly high strength, so such a kitchen can serve you for a very long time.

However, glossy plastic tends to lose the brightness of the color, so be careful when choosing detergents. It is very important to first try a new product on the least noticeable area. If everything is fine with the color, then safely clean the entire kitchen set with it.

The most universal remedy that can be used for cleaning is an ordinary soap solution. Such a solution is able to remove most contaminants and will absolutely not damage the surface. After the cleaning is completed, it is necessary to dry wipe the coatings to a shine. You can use special rags for glass surfaces, which are sold in most hardware stores. They can easily remove streaks on the glossy surface.

Painted facades

 It is the MDF boards that are most often painted. First, the desired color is applied and then several layers of lacquer are applied on top to achieve a glossy effect. The technology of application is quite complicated. Each layer must be carefully sanded, primed, sanded and dried. But in the end you will get an absolutely even, perfect surface.

Small defects in the process of operation on the painted surface can be corrected, unlike plastic. But it is still necessary to avoid scratches as much as possible. Non-abrasive detergents can be used to clean these facades.  At the end of cleaning, it is necessary to wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth in order to eliminate unnecessary streaks.

For painted facades, you can also apply a soap solution. Also a very good remedy according to the reviews of hosts is an ordinary glass cleaner. Especially it is indispensable for dark surfaces, on which stains are more noticeable. It is recommended to apply the product to the facades and wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.

PVC film

A glossy PVC film is glued onto the MDF facades by vacuum pressing. These kitchens are economical options. This surface can be cleaned with non-abrasive detergents. After all, such a film is quite resistant to damage and discoloration. PVC film can never be washed with abrasives and dry powders, they leave scratches that can not be removed.

Since the film is loyal to most detergents it can also be washed with soap solution and glass cleaner. Also a very effective and fast method of fighting stains on facades are ordinary household wet wipes. They do not leave streaks on the surface and effectively deal with dirt.

Acrylic facades

 For these facades, MDF boards are taken and acrylic plastic is applied to them. A special machine is used for this purpose. Pollution from such a surface can be removed quite easily. These facades, if there are defects on them, can be polished. But in no case should they be washed with aggressive detergents, as you can lose the shine of the glossy facade.

All the previous methods of fighting dirt are applicable to acrylic surfaces. You can use soap solution, glass cleaners, household wipes and any other non-abrasive detergents.

Pros and cons of gloss facades

 The advantages of glossy facades are many. They look very effective and beautiful, and due to the reflection of light they visually increase the space of the kitchen. However, such a kitchen, unfortunately, requires careful cleaning. After all, it gets stains from touching with fingers, from water, from oil and other divorces. This is most likely the most basic disadvantage of glossy surfaces. To make such stains were less noticeable, it is better to buy not a monochrome gloss, but with some flecks. This can be, for example, gold, silver chips or any other colored.

In order to minimize cleaning, you can buy only glossy hinged cabinets, and the bottom of the kitchen to pick up with some other, for example, matte surface. It is also very important to pick the right color. On the dark glossy will be more noticeable contaminants, and on light, respectively, less.

Care of glossy facades

 In order to keep the facades looking attractive at all times, they need proper care. It is very important that the kitchen is kept dry. Otherwise, the shelves and fronts may swell from excessive moisture and even become moldy. It is important to install the kitchen in such a way that sunlight does not fall directly on the glossy facade. This will help to preserve the brightness of the kitchen color for a long time.

If you have purchased a detergent concentrate, it is imperative that you dilute it before using it to wash glossy facades. It is ideal to buy a special paste or wax for kitchen care.

On sale now you can find universal gels for degreasing surfaces. It can even be an ordinary dishwashing detergent, For cleaning you will need a microfiber cloth. Apply the compound to all fronts, then simply wipe with a damp cloth with a little water. Next, you should wipe the fronts dry. It is best to use disposable rags for this purpose, which are sold in large skeins. This will completely avoid streaks. With daily wiping of surfaces, your furniture will always look neat and beautiful.

When buying detergents, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition. Use soft cloths and non-abrasive liquids without aggressive components. Make sure that the products do not have a dissolving and corrosive effect. Otherwise, they may cause the facades to become cloudy or have streaks. It will no longer be possible to get rid of this.

The range of detergents is now just huge, so it is important to know what to wash the glossy kitchen set, so as not to spoil it. As has already been said many times, in no case do not buy abrasive means for washing facades. From the first time they will not scratch the glossy surface, but over time it will darken and stop reflecting light. Sponges should not be stiff for the same reason. Use the softest cloths designed for gloss or glass.

And to make sure that cleaning is not a reason for frustration and your time was not spent on boring walking with a rag around the house, we advise you to leave a request to the cleaners of our company. They will do everything to make your kitchen shine clean and the glossy surface looks attractive after cleaning. 

March 15 2024