How to clean a microwave oven – 5 quick methods

Even with careful care, a microwave oven needs cleaning. There are several ways how to clean the microwave easily and effectively. And we are happy to tell you about them.

How to care for your microwave

  • Do not use coarse abrasives, metal and hard scrapers, large amounts of water to remove dirt.
  • After washing, the microwave must be wiped well from the inside and the door must be left open.
  • The internal enamel coating can be cleaned as a special agent from grease, and folk methods. Wash the enamel carefully, without scratching it.
  • Microwave made of ceramic and bio-ceramic is enough to wipe regularly with a damp cloth.
  • The internal coating of stainless steel is rare, it cannot be cleaned with powders, only with special cream and liquid means.

How to clean your microwave with vinegar

Vinegar is a great remedy for grease. To clean the microwave, mix table vinegar and water in equal amounts (if the pollution is not strong, then vinegar can be poured less) and heat the solution for 5-7 minutes at high power. Do not open the door for another 15-20 minutes after turning it off so that the hot steam softens the dirt well. After that, rinse the inside surface thoroughly with clean water and wipe with a dry cloth. The disadvantage of this method is a strong unpleasant odor, so before you start cleaning, be sure to open a window and turn on the hood.

You can also clean the microwave with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Mix them to a paste-like state, apply them to the impurities and leave them for half an hour. After that, it is enough to wash everything off with water and wipe dry. The cleaning agent should not get on the grate.

It is important to remember that vinegar is not suitable for cleaning microwave ovens with enameled surfaces.

How to clean the microwave with lemon

An excellent remedy for grease in the kitchen is lemon.

It is enough to squeeze the juice of one lemon into a glass of water, heat the resulting solution in the microwave at maximum power for 5-7 minutes and leave it for another 10 minutes. After that, simply wipe the inside with a cloth.

This method removes not only impurities, but also unpleasant odor. But this method of cleaning, like the past, is not suitable for enamel.

If there is no lemon at hand, it can be replaced with two tablespoons of citric acid.

How to clean the microwave with dishwashing detergent

Detergent for removing grease can easily cope with light to medium soiling. On a wet dishwashing sponge, squeeze a little dishwashing detergent, lather well and put it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds at minimum power. But make sure that the sponge does not start melting. After removing the softened dirt with the same sponge, rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.

How to clean a microwave with steam

It’s easy to clean your microwave from stale grease using plain water. This is probably the simplest and safest remedy. Pour more water into a wide container and put it in the microwave for 5-8 minutes at maximum power. After switching off, keep the door closed for another 15 minutes. Then wipe the inside with a dry cloth.

How to clean your microwave with special products

A huge selection of cleaning products for the kitchen makes it easy to clean the microwave in just a few minutes. It is important that the chosen household chemistry is suitable for the microwave oven. To get the desired result, it is necessary to follow the instructions on the product packaging.

How to get rid of odor in the microwave oven

Often the problem is not how to clean the microwave, but how to remove the unpleasant odor inside. You can get rid of it in different ways:

  • wipe the inside walls with a solution of coffee and wash it off after a couple hours;
  • pour 100 g of salt or 7-10 powdered activated charcoal tablets into the container and leave it in a closed microwave overnight;
  • heat for a couple of minutes the peel from citrus. After that, be sure to remove the essential oil droplets from the walls.

Any of the above methods will help to keep the microwave clean. But in order not to have to wash away stale grease, you need to wipe it regularly, when heating food, use a special hood or a glass cover.

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January 28 2024