How to clean windows correctly

“How to clean the window, so that it does not leave streaks?”. – a question that sooner or later will interest any owner of the premises. Dust, dirt, traces of insects on the windows are not only the cause of deterioration of the degree of illumination in the room, but also worsen the appearance of the window. Not only is it simply not aesthetically pleasing, but it also affects the reputation of the home or commercial premises owner. To keep your windows shining clean, read the simple and useful tips below.

Preparing for the window cleaning process

First of all, it is necessary to determine what to clean the windows to shine. We are talking about detergents, as well as inventory. As for the inventory, then here you should pay attention to:

  • Sponges, which have a porous structure and a hard layer. Such sponges cope well with various contaminants and absorb moisture well;
  • glass cleaner, which have an adjustable handle. Such inventory allows you to perform cleaning in the most comfortable way – you will not need to move chairs, tables, trying to reach the top of the window – with a slight movement of the hand you will set the necessary length of the product and calmly wash the window. There are different nozzles, so you can achieve the desired result and clean the window without streaks. Allows the wiper to clean windows including the outside. Separately it is worth noting cordless windshield wipers – they are very convenient in operation and their use involves a minimum of effort, but such devices are not very cheap;
  • textile (cotton) rags. It absorbs condensate well, is not magnetic and therefore allows you to quickly cope with the task at hand in the best way.
  • microfiber. This cloth allows you to remove excess water and achieve the desired shine of glass. 

But metal scrapers, available in many stores, are those devices for washing windows, which are not recommended to use. They can leave micro cracks on the glass.

As for detergents for cleaning windows, it is better to give preference to creamy and liquid compositions. They are the safest for the glass surface. You can also wash windows without chemistry – if you plan to use home remedies, it is worth paying attention to laundry soap, alcohol and vinegar. Bulk substances are better not to use, as abrasive particles can scratch the surface and give the glass a matte appearance.

Choosing the right time and weather conditions

When figuring out how to properly clean your windows to make them shine, you should not forget that tools and instruments are not everything, it is also important to know when to clean your windows. The most suitable time to wash windows and achieve a perfect result is a warm, cloudy, windless day. Bright sun and wind are factors that affect the speed of drying of glass and too increase it, as a result – on the surface quickly appear streaks. In the rain, it is difficult to wipe glass surfaces dry and see how clean they are.

Preparation of cleaning solution

If you decide to clean the windows not with means from the store, but with your own handmade solution, then we advise you to use such substances (and proportions) for its preparation: 0.5 liters of water, 70 ml of vinegar and a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Especially think about how to wash windows with vinegar in this way is not worth it – everything is extremely simple. Prepared solution just wash the windows, paying special attention to contaminants, after – rinse the surface with clean water and wipe the surface dry.

And you can simplify the task and do without vinegar. Surely you have heard that you can wash the windows with newspaper (your parents definitely know about this kind of lifehacks). Now we will tell you how to do it properly – you roll the newspaper into small balls and wet them in vinegar, then rub the surface of the glass with circular movements and enjoy its transparency. It is worth noting that newspaper (but without vinegar) can be used as the final stage of the above-mentioned method of window cleaning.

Glass and frame cleaning

Thinking about how to clean windows without streaks, do not forget that windows are made of different materials and have certain features. So, determining what and how to wash the glass and frames, we advise you to think about these points:

  • What to wash plastic windows you can read in the manufacturer’s recommendations. Usually they indicate the recommended compositions that will achieve an aesthetic result without yellowing, scratches, etc. Usually there are special means for plastic;
  • wooden windows should be washed as quickly as possible, as moisture can provoke deformation of the frame;
  • start washing from the frame, and then move on to the glass;
  • the window sill is washed last, because in the process of washing it will get dust, moisture, insect residues.

Cleaning of window frames and window sills

Many window manufacturers have thought of everything in detail – so that their customers do not have to think about how to clean windows quickly and with what, they offer ready-made cleaning kits. They include detergents, seal care products, etc.

If you do not want to waste your time thinking about what to wash windows with so that dust does not settle, how to wash windows with a glass cleaner, etc. – contact the specialists of TivaCleaners They will do everything quickly and the gorgeous result will be ensured.

March 9 2024