First, you need to understand that a dog cannot stop shedding. This is a natural process that occurs twice a year and lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. If the hair falls off your pet for a longer period of time or more than a couple of times a year, contact your veterinarian, as your dog may need help. And during the natural shedding, don’t be too lazy to take care of your dog thoroughly. What you can do: 

  • Comb your pet. Preferably every day, as this will help the dog get rid of dead hair and accelerate the growth of new hair. This will reduce the amount of hair in the house. 
  • Massage procedures. Make an impromptu spa for your pet by gently massaging its back and tummy. The procedure favorably affects blood circulation, which means that the dog’s hair will grow strong and healthy; 
  • be sure to buy tools for combing the hair. A nickel-plated comb for tangles, a fluffer brush for delicate areas of the pet, and a silicone glove brush that will collect all the dead hairs from the coat, which settle over the entire area of the home; 
  • add B vitamins, as well as copper and zinc, to the dog’s diet, which will promote the growth and health of the coat.

What is not recommended: 

  • Use of a furminator – a brush resembling a garden rake. This tool is used to lift the undercoat layer, thereby gaining access to hard-to-reach places. But the furminator is not suitable for all dogs, and if there are bruises, abrasions, or ulcers on the pet’s skin, it is better to put the furminator aside. 
  • Bathing. During a period of heavy shedding, it is not recommended to bathe your dog often. But a shower with protein shampoo is allowed, but also in moderation. An option is to use dry shampoos and conditioners.


It would be easy to say that you need to arm yourself with cleaning products and the necessary equipment to get rid of wool and fluff in the house. The fact is that you will need different products for cleaning different surfaces: what will help to clean the carpet will not be suitable for cleaning a tile or a leather sofa. And the owners of our little brothers do not always have time to fully clean their apartments, let alone a medium-sized private house. This is where our cleaning company Tiva Cleaners comes to the rescue. Our specialists will quickly and efficiently clean your apartment or house and help you get rid of the problem of wool and fluff accumulation.

We always guarantee the result, and after our specialists have cleaned in Calgary, you won’t find a single hair from your pet, and the room will sparkle and smell.

What we work with: 

  • A special vacuum cleaner. The tool allows you to collect wool and clean hard-to-reach areas in the room, while simultaneously cleaning the surface from dust and dirt accumulation;
  • a mop with rubber bristles. It will easily collect loose hairs and easily separate them from the carpet pile. You will only have to pick up the clumps and throw them away. (By the way, you can use this cleaning tool yourself if you have the time and desire to keep your home perfectly clean – if you don’t have a mop, even an ordinary window scraper with rubberized edges will help. It is recommended to clean such a mop from time to time with antibacterial agents – this way the device will last a long time and the cleaning will be more thorough);
  • special solutions. Don’t worry about your favorite carpet or rug. Professional dry cleaning of the carpet will not harm it (as well as you and your four-legged pets). After cleaning, there will be no stains or stains on the surface of the carpet, and its appearance will be close to the original thanks to our deep cleaning products.  Moreover, we use only products that are safe for human and animal health.

Advantages of Tiva Cleaners:

  • We give you comfort. The cleaning procedure will not disturb you at all and will be completed in the shortest possible time. All you have to do is enjoy the view of the work done and the cleanliness of your home; 
  • We give you quality. The equipment we use from leading cleaning brands is non-toxic, energy-efficient and virtually silent. 
  • Our cleaning services are affordable. We have affordable prices, so absolutely every client can afford cleaning services in Calgary. 

Contact Tiva Cleaners at any time convenient for you. Forget about the monotonous and tedious cleaning, it is better to spend this time on yourself and your leisure. Better yet, take advantage of your free time and go for a walk with your favorite pet!

August 16 2023