How to get rid of pet odor in the apartment?

How to remove the smell of cat urine? How to get rid of the smell of a dog in the house? How to achieve that the result will please you for a long time? These questions worry all owners of dogs and cats, because the problem of a specific odor in the room is relevant to all without exception. Unfortunately it is not always possible to get rid of it with the help of quality cleaning and washing of the animal. In some cases, the problems may be deeper and may be related to the pet’s health. If you are concerned about how to remove the unpleasant odor in the apartment, then our article will certainly be useful for you. As for determining the causes of its appearance, it is already a question for the veterinarian – you should not neglect this issue.  

Identifying the source of the odor

Before choosing how to neutralize the smell of urine and other unpleasant odor, it is necessary to determine the cause of its appearance. If you do not do this, then all efforts will be like fighting windmills. Among the causes can be noted:

  • hypersecretion. For many breeds of animals, this is the norm. However, if the specific odor of the pet you have not previously noted, it may indicate that the production of sebum has increased (most often caused by endocrine diseases);
  • dermatitis;
  • dental problems in the pet. Unpleasant odor from the oral cavity can appear from gingivitis, periodontal disease, carious teeth, etc.;
  • helminthic diseases;
  • allergic reactions and more. 

Once again, we note that only correctly selected on the basis of the cause of the odor means from the smell of the dog in the apartment, will demonstrate the effectiveness.  

Before moving on to the issues of cleaning the housing, the definition of what to wash the floors after a dog or cat, it should be noted the importance of paying attention to the hygiene of the animal. The pet should be bathed regularly and combed out well (various bacteria, dirt, sebaceous gland secretion, etc. can accumulate in the hairballs). 

Cleaning of furniture and surfaces

Regarding how to remove the odor from the sofa from dog urine, it should be noted the following – it is easiest to do it with the help of special sprays. They are characterized by effectiveness, are characterized by ease of use and rarely cause allergies. Also in the store you can buy various capsules and tablets – such means also demonstrate good efficiency, but the places treated with these means need drying. 

Finding out how to remove the smell of animals from the apartment, we advise you to pay attention also to folk ways:

  • You can dissolve grated laundry soap in hot water and apply the resulting product to the treated area. After about 20-30 minutes it is necessary to remove everything with a wet towel.
  • You can try to spray a solution of iodine on the furniture upholstery.  The solution should be prepared in the following proportion: 10 drops per 0.5 liters of water.
  • To treat dark upholstery, a weak solution of manganese is suitable. This solution should be applied to the fabric and wait until it dries completely.

Floor cleaning

If we are talking about laminate, linoleum or tiles, then everything is easier – you just need to wash the surface. But if you are worried about how to remove the smell of urine from the carpet, then here everything is a little more complicated. Here you can also buy special means, and you can choose folk ways that will help to eliminate stains and odor. Among them we note the following: 

  • Lemon juice is a good answer to the question: “What to remove the smell of dog urine?”. A solution of 1 liter of water and 0.15 liters of juice should be abundantly moisten the place where there was a puddle, after – blot everything with paper towels. This method is also suitable for removing odor from the upholstery of upholstered furniture.
  • You can also prepare a solution of 1 part of vinegar and 4 parts of water. This solution should be poured into the desired area of the carpet and after about 15-20 minutes blot with a napkin. After you need to apply baking soda on the stain, and then pour a solution of 0.1 liters of hydrogen peroxide 3% and half a teaspoon of detergent on top. After about an hour, it is necessary to gently rub the spot with a soft brush (you can use a toothbrush).
  • Well shows itself in the fight against bad odor and stains on the carpet dry mustard. The method is as simple as possible – you need to dilute the powder with water and apply it to the stain. After the porridge dries it is necessary to remove the mustard residue with a vacuum cleaner. 

Ventilation and air freshening

If the cause of the unpleasant odor is eliminated and the animal is healthy, then in any case it is not superfluous to ventilate the room and use air fresheners. Such measures will be preventive and definitely not superfluous. 

If you do not want to understand all the ways of elimination of unpleasant smell of animals in the apartment, read how to get rid of the smell of a cat in the apartment, how vinegar from dog tags will help, then a good idea will be to contact the specialists of the company Tiva Cleaners. Entrusting cleaning to the company you can be sure that they will perform everything quickly, qualitatively and at an affordable price. 

May 3 2024