The question is not an easy one, especially if the body asks for rest after a hard day.

And you seem to be ready to clean up, but these insidious “I’ll lie down for 5 minutes and work” chain you to the sofa like a concrete layer… But there are little secrets that will make cleaning easier!

And who, if not the masters of cleanliness TIVA Cleaners, will reveal them for you.

  1. Clean every day. It sounds paradoxical (you can barely persuade yourself to do one cleaning, but here you do it every day), but it’s a fact. By constantly maintaining cleanliness, you deprive yourself of the “pleasure” of seeing tons of dust and mountains of scattered things before general cleaning. How to accustom yourself to a routine? It’s very simple – distribute tasks over days. For example, Monday – we clean the kitchen, Tuesday – the children’s room, etc. You can split one room into several days. This way, every corner of your apartment or house will always be clean.
  1. Think of cleaning as a workout. Do not be surprised, cleaning requires several hours of intense aerobic and strength exercises. Therefore, when cleaning your apartment, remember that lost pounds and a toned body will be a great bonus.
  1. Know a friend in need. If you are attacked by spring cleaning, your friends will be your saviors. Offer to help them carry out cleaning work in your house, and in return, if they need help cleaning their apartment, you will definitely take on part of the work yourself. In this way, the friendship will become stronger and the apartment will be cleaner.
  1. Give yourself a reward. Everything is quite simple: if it’s too difficult to start cleaning, figure out how to please yourself after you’ve done it. Promise yourself a delicious dessert or another episode of your favorite TV series.
  2. Turn on active music. Calm and melancholic songs will not work. Turn on the music that makes you want to start moving. She will set the rhythm and lift your spirits, and time will fly by faster with her – you will be surprised that washing the floors takes only four or five tracks.
  3. Close social networks. Cleaning may end at the previous point – when you sat down at the computer to select music, and didn’t get up because of it. Or you decided to turn on the radio on your phone and saw a new message. Close all chats and turn off notifications.
  4. Start with the most difficult one. Find the most annoying thing about cleaning and do that first. The visual result and the feeling that the most difficult thing has been done motivates you to move on. If you’re cleaning the bathroom, start by cleaning the toilet. When you need to change your bed linen, remove the duvet cover first. The rest will take care of itself.
  5. Get rid of unnecessary things. Stop endlessly rearranging, wiping, and arranging things that you don’t need at all. When you free up space, you will immediately want to tidy it up, arrange it neatly and keep it clean. Take out all the old and unnecessary things and immediately put them in bags. The main thing is not to hide it on the balcony or in the pantry, but try to immediately take it out of the apartment so that there is no temptation to return everything back. And you don’t need any extra rubble.
  6. Add something new to your interior. Buy a bright vase or lamp, place decorative candles or hang new curtains. Bring any little thing that will decorate your home. And if your apartment is a mess, you realize that no matter where you put new things, nothing can decorate your home like cleanliness.

And if these tips don’t work, we have the last secret solution for you – a cleaning service at TIVA Cleaners. Our specialists cleaning in Calgary will do all the work for you quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price. Your apartment, home and office will surprise even the most dedicated cleaning fan with its cleanliness after their visit.

September 24 2023