How to remove coffee stains from carpets

You’ve just had a cup of coffee and oops. Your cup fell over and you spilled coffee everywhere: on your clothes, on the floor (even on the table…).

So what to do? Clean it up immediately.

And the best way to get rid of it is to get inside, because coffee stains tend to spread.

So, in detail, here’s what you should do:

Step 1

Take a clean white cloth to blot the coffee stain as much as possible. Make sure you keep switching to a cleaner part of the cloth if other parts already have stains on them.

Step 2

You can then use some cold water to spray over the stain.

Step 3

Take another clean cloth and continue blotting. Just keep repeating this process until the stain is completely gone.

Step 4

Once the stain is removed, it’s time to grab your carpet stain remover Step 5 

Remember to spray liberally because this can be a way to easily attract dirt next time.

Step 6

Finally, allow the carpet to dry completely.

However, if you need to get rid of old coffee stains on your carpeting, then read on. 

How to remove old coffee stains from the carpet

Let’s note right away that it can be very difficult to get rid of the stain and it’s better to contact our cleaning company for help right away. 

If you want to try your luck and try to deal with the problem yourself, then check out the algorithm below. It will definitely be useful for you. 

Before we go directly to the algorithm let’s define what we will need:

  • Cold water
  • Towel or white clean rags
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Carpet stain remover
  • Ammonia (used for semi-wool or non-wool carpets)

Step 1.

First of all, you should wet the soiled area with cold water.

Step 2

Then you can repeat the same steps as removing a fresh coffee stain.

Step 3

If the stain still remains, it’s time to prepare your own cleaning solution. You can mix at least three drops of dishwashing detergent and mix it with water.

Step 4

You can then apply with a sponge directly on the stain.

Step 5

You can then take a dry cloth or towel and blot the spot. Make sure that you are not rubbing.

Step 6

Alternate between the wet cloth and the dry cloth. The damp cloth soaks the stain and the dry cloth removes the stain and moisture.

Step 7

If your carpet is made of wool or blended wool, you can also mix a little ammonia (one tablespoon) with a glass of water.

Step 8

Do a spot test to make sure the mixture won’t ruin your carpet. Take another dry cloth and blot the stain.

Step 9

Again alternate between dry and damp cloths. Allow surfaces to dry completely before using a carpet cleaner.

Step 10

Allow the carpet to dry completely.

Bad news: the coffee stain is coming back! What to do.

Like what? The coffee stain is back! It’s really a surprise, but really…. it happens.

And for good reason:

The original stain hasn’t been removed. Instead, the coffee has mixed with the fibers. Or there’s moisture left behind. And in this case, the stain resurfaces as it dries.

The solution is as follows:

Step 1

Simply repeat the steps of the very first method of removing fresh stains.

Step 2

Another thing you can do is to cover the stain with a towel and place a heavy object on it and leave it there or for some time. This will allow you to absorb all the moisture 

Step 3

Finally, use a fan to dry it quickly and completely.

How to deal with coffee creamer stains?

Spilled coffee and creamer? No problem. You just need to use a stronger cleaning solution for this type of stain. To be clear: you can use a carpet cleaner for pets.

Pet carpet cleaner is a good solution because it can break down the proteins in the stain. It can also eliminate the odor.

Just be sure to rinse it off and let it dry completely.

Some nuances of carpet cleaning

  • If you have a carpet with long fibers, it will likely be more difficult to remove the stain. For this type of carpet, you simply need to extend the soaking time.
  • For carpets that are made up of wool or mixed with wool, ammonia works great. Just be sure to do a spot test beforehand so you don’t damage the carpet fibers.
  • For those who are still struggling with old coffee stains, you can use salt. Using salt will help absorb the coffee and water from the carpet. This will lighten the stain considerably, and it will be easier for you to see what you are working on. First, you should spray the stain with cold water and then apply salt to it. Then, you can vacuum up the salt and clean the carpet with a carpet cleaner.
  • You can also use lemon to get rid of old coffee stains. It is better to mix the lemon with your chosen carpet cleaner. This way you will be able to remove the stain much faster.
  • To get rid of old stains, you can also use beer. You can apply it directly on the coffee stain. You can then use a dry cloth or towel to remove the moisture. 

All of these home methods require time, extreme caution (a small slip-up can cost the homeowner a lot of money, because it can happen that the carpet will be completely ruined and it will have to be simply thrown out) and any costs. To be sure that you will have cleanliness and order, leave a request to our cleaners. 

June 10 2024