How to remove marker from clothes, carpets and upholstered furniture

Markers are a great option to keep your child busy. But only with such games, you need to watch him even more carefully than usual.

You have provided the baby with paper, a special board, wadding… But turn away for a minute, and he diligently began to draw the sofa, his clothes, and what is there – everything he could reach.

What to do? Take the kid to the bathroom, and you clean up the mess. You can wash off the marker from the fabric, but you’ll have to work a little harder.

Chalk/water-based marker: Wash off immediately

Chalk/water-based markers are very easy to remove, provided they have not dried out. Therefore, never leave the washing “for later”.

Take an ordinary soap or stain remover. If the fabric is delicate, white or silk – it is better to use a gel-like stain remover.

Or you can use hydrogen peroxide. If you “missed” the stain or it was not possible to wash it at once, it had time to dry – take baking soda, mixing it with a small amount of water.

Washing off alcohol-based marker marks

The main rule – do not rub the stain. Take a cotton disk and moisten it with vodka (medical alcohol), solvent or lotion. Put a rag flap under the stain so that the paint is not imprinted on the other side of the product. Carefully and gently soak the stain with a cotton disk until it disappears, and then wash the clothes in the usual way. With upholstery of course it will be more difficult, but if you have a cover on the upholstered furniture, it will greatly simplify the task. 

Also with traces of alcohol-containing marker can cope with a solution of vinegar (1 tablespoon per 250 ml of water) or glycerin (apply to the stain, soak, rinse in salt water).

How to wash off oil marker marks

Oil-based marker can be washed off with oil. Take the most common sunflower oil and apply it to the stain. Leave the fabric for a few hours, and then wash the thing, adding to the water grease remover – dishwashing detergent, or food starch.

Another method involves using toothpaste. Apply it to the stain and let it dry, and then wash the thing. If the stain is on furniture upholstery – remove toothpaste residue with a brush.

Paint-based marker: the most “dangerous” enemy

This marker is the most difficult to remove. For natural fabrics you can use a solvent or acetone (but in the case of synthetics you can not use them – these substances will lead to loss of color).

You can also use nail polish remover, benzine. Remove the stain with their help, you can use a cotton disk.

Universal methods

There are universal methods and recommendations that apply to any markers and marks from them. When removing marker stains, don’t forget about them:

  • always try the product from the wrong side – to control how the fabric will react. In the case of furniture, try to test on the side that is adjacent to the wall or is at least not too visible;
  • don’t wait for the marker to dry, try to wash it right away;
  • for any marker you can use vinegar or ammonia, in the proportion of a tablespoon per 250 ml of water. They are suitable for natural fabrics and synthetics;
  • using a stain remover, carefully read the instructions.

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January 13 2024