How to remove stains from upholstered furniture

Have you spilled coffee on your favorite chair? Or, after a friendly party, a red wine stain appeared on the couch? Or maybe your kids love to eat jam in the living room, leaving sticky sweet spots on the furniture? Whoever caused the incident, the problem can be solved in 2 ways – remove the stains yourself or contact a cleaning service in Calgary. The first option is cheaper, but there are no guarantees that you will not spoil the upholstery. “Soft” folk methods may simply not help, and aggressive store products can not only remove stains, but also discolor the surface of the product. If you turn to the specialists of a cleaning company, then of course the visit of a specialist will not be free, but your sofa, armchair, bed or other furniture will definitely remain intact and clean. Professional chemistry copes with stains by 100% and leaves no traces, and experts always know what kind of product is needed to remove this or that pollution.

In this article, we will consider different options, but you decide which option suits you best.

“Folk” recipes for cleaning upholstered furniture

Spots can have a different origin, so in each case, you need to use different means.

Coffee stains can be easily removed with soapy water. You just need to wet a rag or sponge in it, wipe it, and then let it dry. It also removes chocolate stains.

Beer stains are not easy to remove. You can cope with them with the help of an acetic solution: 1 tbsp. vinegar to 1 liter of water. Blot a fresh stain with a napkin and only then use the solution. Blot excess moisture with a tissue and let dry.

Fruit juice from the surface of the sofa is removed with a more complex solution: vinegar + ammonia in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply it to the surface, wipe the stain and dry.

Sweet stains from jam and jam are also removed with a soap solution. But first you need to clean up what is possible. After that, use the solution to remove the stain. And finally, you need to sprinkle the soiled place with salt, which will absorb the remnants of the sweet pollutant. Let the surface dry, then clean it well with a brush and vacuum cleaner.

Red wine leaves stains that are almost impossible to get rid of if you didn’t do it while the stain was fresh. If the wine has just been spilled on the sofa, blot the stain with a napkin, cover this place with salt, let it dry. And then take a brush and a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean the surface.

But this is not the most difficult pollution. Despite the fact that white wine does not have such a bright color, getting rid of stains after it is much more difficult. It will not be enough just to get wet and vacuum. You need to use a special solution: 3 parts of methanol and 1 part of water. And do not forget that methyl alcohol is very dangerous for health and life. Handle him carefully. The stain from white wine is first wiped with this solution, and then with water and soap. Do not forget to dry the surface well after treatment.

Non-food stains are also quite easy to remove from the surface of upholstered furniture.

Acetone will help get rid of traces of lipstick and ink, blood is removed with cold (only cold) water. And after a romantic evening with candles, a scraper will help to remove wax from the surface of an armchair or sofa (it is used to remove cooled wax), a vacuum cleaner (removes residues), blotting paper that absorbs wax residues (after ironing). If the situation is very difficult, after all these manipulations, additionally wipe the stain with methanol.

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July 17 2023