Cigarette smoke odor is one of the most persistent and difficult to remove. It soaks into walls, furniture and textiles. In a room where people often smoke, you can see a yellow tarry deposit on the walls, which also acts as a source of unpleasant “amber”. It is impossible to stay in such an apartment or house for a long time, and to live – even more so. There is a feeling of squeamishness, worsens well-being and mood. It is necessary to get rid of the problem! 


We will not talk about the harm of smoking, it is obvious, because not all people can easily give up cigarettes. First of all, you need to get rid of the habit of “vapor” in the house and in the car. Smoke will stop penetrating into every corner of the room or salon, you will not have to solve a difficult problem. When the body by habit requires another dose of nicotine, it is better to go outside and enjoy a cigarette in a specially designated place.


It is pointless to seek answers to the question: “What interrupts the smell of tobacco?” when the apartment or balcony is full of ashtrays. The containers with cigarette butts should be regularly cleaned and washed, because they smell very unpleasant, even if they are far away from you. Waiting for them to be completely full is another bad habit. Ashtrays are completely impregnated with harmful substances, so they need regular cleaning.

How to eliminate the smell of cigarettes on the balcony, where they constantly smoke? This is not an easy task, because all finishing materials, frames and windows are impregnated with it. If there are boxes, old things and so on, the problem is aggravated. Cardboard should be disposed of and clothes should be washed. General cleaning and cleaning of all surfaces is a must.


Wherever there is a smell of tobacco (on the balcony, in the toilet, in the office or living room), first you need to provide access to fresh air. Open all windows and doors, ventilate the apartment for at least a day. It is especially effective to do this in windy weather. When it is hot outside, the result will be disappointing.

Important: in the bathroom and in the toilet necessarily check the functionality of ventilation systems. 

After airing, you can begin to treat all surfaces. To remove the smell of cigarettes, walls, floors and other washed with a solution consisting of water and vinegar. This is the beginning of the general cleaning, during which no moisture-resistant product is missed.

Treat window sills, windows and other things, do not forget to constantly change the water and add the solution to it. Vinegar is great at removing unpleasant odors! To remove persistent “odors” in the room, additionally hang a towel soaked in the solution.

The following inexpensive means cope well with the task of absorbing unpleasant odors:

  • baking soda;
  • cat litter;
  • activated charcoal.

During the general cleaning, pay attention to every corner, small details and boldly part with what is no longer important to you. Give curtains, tulle and other textiles to the dry cleaner, or better yet, buy new ones. Do not forget about blinds, wash them completely with detergent and hang them outside to dry completely.

The next stage of general cleaning is to replace the light bulbs. The old ones have already absorbed cigarette smoke and emit a disgusting odor when switched on. They should be disposed of, otherwise the clean room will again be uncomfortable in the evening, when you need artificial light sources.


It seems that the smell of tobacco is irretrievably absorbed into sofas, armchairs, mattresses, but it is not so. Furniture can be saved by giving it a second life and providing yourself with comfortable conditions for rest. Some people manage to cope with the task themselves, others – have to contact a specialized company.

You need to know how to remove the smell of tobacco from the furniture, otherwise it can be ruined. Do not use aggressive chemicals, bleaching compositions and other toxic means. Prepare the solution yourself, using the following:

  • water;
  • carpet cleaner;
  • vinegar.

Take a large washcloth and thoroughly treat every centimeter of furniture. Preliminary it should be vacuumed. In the same way clean the carpet, but with a mattress is more difficult. The most correct solution will be to order a dry cleaning service.

Important: after cleaning upholstered furniture upholstery repeatedly and repeatedly wipe with a washcloth soaked in water to remove detergent residue. 

In practice, it is quite difficult to remove the smell of tobacco from mattresses, carpets and sofas. If you are afraid of spoiling interior items, it is better to contact our company at once.

June 2 2024