Perhaps most of us face the problem of perpetually dirty floors. No matter how much it is washed and polished, the result is the same. After a few days, it’s still dirty and requires another cleaning, and as you know, not all of us have free time to spend on cleaning linoleum.

But what if by following just a few rules you can make your old linoleum shine? Our methods will help you do just that! You’ll learn how to make your floor shine, and you’ll also find out what makes it dull.


It seems not very pleasant to come to a house where the first thing that catches your eye is dirty and old linoleum. It’s one thing when it’s an isolated incident. There are situations when we just didn’t have time to clean or wash the floor, and that’s okay. It’s another thing when linoleum is constantly untidy, no matter how many times it is washed.

The most interesting thing is that many people do not understand why linoleum becomes dirty and immediately begin to rub and wash it with all kinds of different means. Without even thinking about the negative impact of some products on the floor surface. That is why, before you shine your linoleum, you need to find out the reasons why dirt appears on it.

In fact, there are quite a few reasons why linoleum can become dull.

If we analyze this topic in detail, we can identify about 5 main reasons for the appearance of dirt on the floor:

  • Dust and debris from the street: It’s pretty obvious, but if you live near a road, the chances of having shiny linoleum are reduced. Not only can the front door be a source of dirt and dust, but so can the windows, which can bring dirt onto the linoleum.
  • Food and liquids: Spilled drinks, food, or food scraps can cause stains and dirt on the floor. If they are not cleaned up quickly, they can soak into the linoleum, leaving marks;
  • Insufficient cleaning: Failure to clean regularly can lead to a cumulative effect, i.e. the accumulation of dust, debris and dirt on the surface. The less frequent the cleaning, the harder it is to clean the linoleum from the accumulated dirt;
  • Improper care: Many people think that if you rub the floor with oil, it will shine. Or they believe that choosing aggressive detergents will provide more effective floor cleaning. However, these are huge misconceptions. Such “methods” will make linoleum even harder to clean in the future. And what can we say about “washing”, it can be completely ruined if you use the wrong care.
  • Dragging furniture/abrasion of the top layer of linoleum: If you move your furniture frequently or cause it to friction, the linoleum can gradually fade or wear away from the top. Scratches and scuffs appear, and the luster fades, making the surface less attractive and more prone to dirt.

Naturally, there are many more reasons why linoleum loses its shine, but these are the most basic ones. We often do not pay attention to small details or do not realize how much our habitual actions can affect the condition of the floor. For example, we don’t think about how often we drag furniture or what kind of shoes we wear indoors.

These seemingly insignificant little things can significantly affect the condition of the linoleum, and then it will be more difficult to restore and clean it than before. And that’s not even mentioning the luster of the linoleum.


Perhaps it’s time to find out how to wash linoleum for shine and the most scandalous thing than washing linoleum to make it shine. The Internet advises: baking soda, vinegar with water, laundry soap, etc. The only thing we can say is that this is a great step towards destroying linoleum! If you wash the floor with such home remedies, its surface will begin to corrode over time.

We also heard that you need to rub linoleum with oil to make it shine. Well, we haven’t heard a stupider piece of advice yet. Think logically, how can oil make linoleum shine? No way, that’s the answer!


There is no need to use fancy methods. The best thing to do is just buy a linoleum cleaner. You can even buy the cheapest one, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that it is designed for washing. And then mix about 10 ml per 100 grams of water (we do not recommend more) and just wash the floor.

Beforehand, you should do a dry cleaning, that is, sweep the linoleum. Remember this golden rule – first dry cleaning, then wet cleaning. Do not immediately wash the linoleum with water and detergent, as this can only make things worse. This advice will really make life easier and give the linoleum not only a shine, but also keep it in order for a longer period of time.


  • Do not use too much water when cleaning linoleum;
  • Dust shelves and surfaces before you start cleaning the floor;
  • If you want to restore the luster of linoleum, contact TivaCleaners;
  • If you still decide to clean the floor at home, it is best to use ercec: 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.

A tip that can really bring out the shine in linoleum is regular cleaning! You need to wash, wash, and wash again to keep your linoleum in top condition. If you don’t have the time to spare, contact TivaCleaners. 

We are professionals in our niche. We can not only clean the floor with high quality, but also clean the house after renovation, general house cleaning, bath cleaning, that is, we wash every piece of your room. Is there any need to waste your precious time cleaning linoleum if you can entrust the task to a professional?

Remember that your health and comfort is a priority, so don’t hesitate to contact TivaCleaners. Your linoleum will shine and delight you with its appearance.

March 5 2024