Interesting facts about cleaning around the world

The approach to apartment cleaning may differ depending on the cultural values and traditions of different nations. In this article we will present interesting facts about apartment cleaning in certain countries and regions…

On the territory of our planet there are about two hundred states, each of which has its own history and culture. The population of each country honors specific traditions, some of which are atypical for the rest of the world. Even trivial cleaning of apartments in their performance can be quite surprising. And it is this aspect that we will talk about today.

Further we will give examples of interesting solutions related to cleaning of apartments in different countries and parts of the world. Some of the further mentioned traditions may surprise you, but all the information given corresponds to reality, and you should not doubt it.

Cleaning apartments in Germany

Germans are a very pedantic people. They do apartment cleaning without hurry, planning literally every action. The process of putting things in order in the premises is not characterized by something unusual, but the approach to the removal and disposal of garbage is interesting. For example, almost all Germans leave used batteries in special boxes (we have been trying to introduce this practice for a long time). Glass, paper, plastic and some other materials are placed in separate containers. And even household appliances and furniture are left only in designated places.

Cleaning apartments in Scandinavia

Residents of Sweden, Denmark and Norway do not consider it necessary to clean apartments in the summer, but closer to winter their activity in terms of putting things in order increases significantly. Another “trick” of these peoples is the habit of vacuuming in underwear or without clothes at all. The tradition is supported by a very high percentage of the population.

Cleaning of apartments in South America

In Colombia and Brazil, people prefer to clean their apartments to upbeat music. The preferred genres are pop and rock. Also, South Americans often do not clean in certain rooms. In particular, Colombians rarely vacuum in living rooms, and many residents of Argentina prefer not to clean their bedrooms.

Cleaning of apartments in Turkey

The inhabitants of this country love cleanliness. Women perform wet cleaning almost daily, and general cleaning is carried out at least once every 2-3 weeks. Vacuuming the apartment several times a day is a common solution for locals. By the way, cleaning in Turkey is a woman’s business. Men do not take part in putting things in order.

Cleaning apartments in Israel

Israelis are very religious and never clean at Saturday. On this day they do not wipe the dust or even wash dishes. Taking out the garbage is also forbidden. But before the Holy Passover Israelis traditionally arrange a general cleaning and for several days washed everything to a shine. Not a single speck is left in the houses. And even old furniture shines clean.

Cleaning of apartments in China

Most Chinese people live in rather dirty apartments, carrying out general cleaning once a year, mostly before the Chinese New Year celebrations. A simple broom is usually used to get rid of dust and debris. Vacuuming is infrequent, up to twice a month.

Apartment cleaning in other Asian countries

Koreans treat this matter very responsibly and clean in special suits. The Japanese consciously refuse music, preferring to clean rooms in silence, indulging in reflection. In many Asian countries of the post-Soviet space, major cleaning is carried out mainly before traditional holidays, such as the arrival of spring.

January 9 2024