Marie Kondo’s cleaning methodology

Marie Kondo is a famous cleaning consultant and author of books on home organization. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the main rules of cleaning according to this method. 

Distribute things by size

Traditionally, it is believed that the best way to sort things is by “like with like”. Marie Kondo goes further and advises to stack items that are not only similarly used, but also similar in size. If small items are stacked next to each other, you don’t have to worry about them getting lost. 

Just like the other rules of Kondo method, this tip ensures that you can always remember where in your home an item is stored. Kondo recommends storing things in drawers if possible.

When storing things, consider how often they are used 

Most of Marie Kondo’s advice is based on simple logic. One of her rules is that frequently used items should be placed where you can get to them quickly, while less frequently used items can be placed in hard-to-reach places. This means that plates, glasses and mugs should be on an accessible shelf, while a rice cooker that you hardly use can be left in the far side of the cupboard.

It will get worse before it gets better

Because the method involves “stacking” items by category (all of your clothes, for example), it can lead to a small disaster for the time you’re in the process of sorting. It’s important to realize that this is normal and very soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You shouldn’t expect to be able to sort everything in one or two days, so it’s best to stop at one category a day unless you want your house to look like a cyclone went through it.

Put things in a pile

Another of Marie Kondo’s tips for deciding what to keep and what to get rid of is to gather things in a huge pile and try to quantify them. That way you’ll quickly realize that you probably don’t need 17 belts, and you’ll see which things are fit for use and which need to be replaced.

Thank your home

Not all of Kondo’s advice is strictly practical, and many of it touches on the emotional and even spiritual side of things. Much of the KonMari method is based on paying attention to the place where you live. So it’s important to thank your home for the roof over your head and take a moment to praise it, whether it’s a huge mansion or a small apartment. Marie Kondo also suggests thanking every single thing that you have decided to part with, but that once meant something to you.

Give every item a home

You probably know that everything has its place. And this is definitely the principle that Marie Kondo suggests to follow. She talks about a strategy that’s as old as time: make sure every single thing has a home. Designate a special shelf for winter gloves, tongs or waffle maker, and then they are more likely to be stored properly and not lost. 

Stack things according to the Marie Kondo’s system

Once you’ve decided what to keep and what to throw away, use Marie Kondo’s unique folding method, which stores clothes vertically instead of horizontally. All closet items are folded into thick rectangles and then stacked on top of each other in clear drawers so you can easily see what you have. This may seem difficult at the beginning of the journey, but gradually this method will make your closet and shelves as neat as possible.

Use transparent containers

You may find it tempting to hide something you rarely use out of sight. However, Marie Kondo advises to do the opposite and store everything in transparent containers, especially in areas like basements, warehouses and attics where it’s important to see exactly what’s in a particular box to find things faster. 

And before we present the top tip of this compilation, here are a couple of lifehacks worthy of note: 

  • carefully choose a place to store things that are special to you;
  • involve your family in sorting clothes;
  • use small storage boxes.

Make sure everything you store brings you joy

One of the most talked about tips in the KonMari system is the idea of items that give joy. Kondo believes that most things in your life should bring you joy. This may seem too bold, but it carries a deep meaning. After all, if something doesn’t make you happy, why do you need it at all?

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January 8 2024