The finer points of caring for wooden furniture and floors

Wood in the interior is so familiar to us that we do not always think about the fact that this valuable natural material requires special care. Wooden floors, furniture, shelves, partitions and other interior details ennoble any design, make it warmer, cozier, if you want – more sincere, and as a bonus – fill your home with the scents of wood. Wooden finishing is more typical for country houses, but in the city apartment there is always a place for wooden household items, especially if eco-repair is planned or already made.
Given the enormous popularity of wood as a means of decorating the interior, a cleaning company in Calgary offers to talk about the intricacies of caring for this valuable natural material.

Peculiarities of caring for wood in the interior
Cleaning the apartment, which has wooden interior items, in general, is not complicated, but even at the stage of their installation, you should remember that wood does not like:

  • Exposure to moisture. Because of its porous structure, wood is capable of absorbing and then giving up quite a lot of moisture, so if it is not used properly, it can shrivel and swell, forming cracks and gaps between the joints. Of course, drying and treatment of wood before industrial use somewhat mitigates this negative effect, but only proper operation ensures long life of wooden products.
  • Mechanical damage. An important characteristic of wood is its hardness, which is different for each species. There are species of wood, close to the hardness of metal, such as boxwood, which is also called “ironwood”, and there is very soft, almost like butter – South American balsa. But in the interior objects such species as pine, alder, cherry and oak are used more often – they are not so hard that we can forget about the necessity to treat them with care. So, take care of your wooden floors and furniture from dropping heavy objects or bumps, otherwise dents and chips will not be avoided.
  • Exposure to aggressive environments. Water is harmful to wood, and acidic or alkaline liquids are twice as harmful to them, so in the kitchen it is better not to lay parquet, giving preference to tiles.
  • Excessive heat. Wooden furniture should not be placed close to radiators or other heat sources, the distance of 1 m from them is considered optimal.
    Features of care for wooden interior items depend on the type of wood, the method of treatment and method of external finish – whether the wood is covered with lacquer, paint or patina. Now wood is often encountered in a form as close to natural as possible: minimal, even brutal treatment with preservation of the natural structure of wood, protection by special compounds, rather than varnishes or paints, which hide the natural color of wood.
    Therefore, before ordering a cleaning service in Calgary, tell us in what form and amount of wood is present in the interior, you may have to adjust our standard cleaning service in Calgary to suit the individual characteristics of your home.

What products are used to care for wood?
For the care of wooden furniture, two types of cleaners are usually used:
Polishes, which not only remove dirt, but also give the varnished wooden surface a shine. A good polish has an antistatic effect and creates an invisible layer on the wood that protects from moisture, sunlight, greasy fingerprints. But unlacquered surfaces are not always advisable to treat with polishes.
Wax remedies. As well as polishes remove dirt, polish, but also create a dense wax film on the surface, protecting the wood from minor damage and giving it a beautiful matte shine.
To remove dust from carved elements, our cleaning company specialists use round brushes with soft bristles and cleaning agents with sprayers. Soft brushes are also used to remove sand that acts as an abrasive on the wood floor. If possible, try to sweep up trash and debris from the floor (especially around the threshold) in between visits from the cleaner so that it does not accumulate in the joints of the bordering boards.
In addition to regular cleaning, dry cleaning with polishing cloths and maintaining a stable microclimate will benefit “home” wood. Periodic ventilation, humidity levels of 65% and temperatures of 15-23 degrees will feel good not only for you but also for your wooden floors and furniture.
In the case of cleaning in an apartment with antique furniture made of rare wood a personal set of detergents is chosen.
By following simple guidelines for using wood floors and products, and involving professional cleaners in cleaning Calgary apartments, you will ensure that your wooden furniture will last for years to come.

July 6 2023