What causes yellow stains on the ceiling and how to get rid of them

Yellow streaks that appear on the ceiling surface spoil the interior of the room with their unpleasant appearance. Such a problem often occurs in the apartments of residents of multi-storey buildings. There are several methods to get rid of yellow stains on the ceiling, and with their own hands.

When you find unsightly streaks, first of all you need to understand why this happened, and only then engage in a search for a variant, how to remove from the ceiling yellowing or other types of stains. Having analyzed the reasons for the appearance of this nuisance, of all the methods you can choose the most effective.

Stain provoking factors can be:

  • Leaks in old piping. As a result of corrosive processes, metal products begin to be covered with rust. In case of water leaks in a faulty system, it gets on the ceiling covering. As a result, yellow stains on the ceiling will need to be removed systematically, if the pipe that has fallen into disrepair is not repaired or replaced.
  • Emergency condition of the roofing system. Atmospheric precipitation flows through its leaking elements and seeps onto the ceiling surface of apartments located on the upper floors. In this case, the solution to the problem of how to remove stains from leaks on the ceiling, will be the replacement of the old roof covering with a new one.
  • Inattention of neighbors living above. They can flood the rooms below by leaving the water faucet unclosed or allowing leaks from unrepaired piping.
  • Increased humidity. In damp conditions, you may see not only yellow streaks on the walls of rooms and ceilings, but mold, which is not easy to remove.
  • Smoke and soot. In this case, the human factor can play a decisive role. After heavy smoke or fire in the room, it is possible to form extensive spots of different colors on the ceiling.

Streaks occurring after flooding

After eliminating the cause of the leak through the fault of neighbors living on the floors above, it is necessary to qualitatively eliminate yellow stains to do it at once and do not return to solve this problem in the future.

It is necessary to prepare:

  • a product containing chlorine;
  • thick rubber gloves;
  • a container for the product;
  • several foam sponges.

Pour the product into a container, put on gloves and start working with the damaged surface. The sponge is soaked in the product and pressed against the yellow stain for only 5 seconds, then re-wet and applied to the still untreated areas. The lower part of the sponge gradually turns red, so it should be changed and continue to perform manipulations until the stains lighten.

Oil stains

When a grease stain on the ceiling appears – what to do with it few owners know. The fact is that oil soaks through the layers of plaster and their surface treatment ends with the fact that these ugly formations again appear on the ceiling plane.

To remove oil stains you will need:

  • roller or brush;
  • a trowel with a width of 5-8 centimeters;
  • a container for the coloring compound;
  • deep penetration primer;
  • water emulsion paint.

The sequence of actions when the ceiling surface shows greasy streaks:

  • Remove the spoiled plaster.
  • Primer is applied in one layer and wait until it completely dries.
  • Roller or brush dipped in water-based paint, remove its excess and carefully apply the coloring composition on the ceiling surface.
  • Painting is done several times until the stain is completely eliminated.

Rust marks on the ceiling

In older apartment buildings, worn-out pipelines often break and leak in the system during operation, so residents often have to think about how to remove yellow stains on the ceiling. Streaks are formed on the ceiling surface again and again.

In this case, to treat the contaminated areas, you will need:

  • 10% solution of copper sulfate;
  • brush or sponge;
  • a container for the mixture;
  • rubber gloves.

To prepare the composition mix 250 grams of copper sulfate, 40 grams of olifa solution, 250 grams of bone glue and shavings of laundry soap. Dip a roller or brush into the liquid and treat the rust-covered area with it.

Smoke and soot stains

If soot and grime have covered the walls and ceiling, partial treatment will not help. It will be necessary to completely remove all the damaged plaster. Such work requires considerable monetary expenses. A major repair takes a lot of time.

Eliminating red streaks on the ceiling surface, the occupation is not easy. The main thing, before you paint a spot on the ceiling, find out the cause of its occurrence and only then to produce high-quality treatment of damaged places and areas.

Carrying out the above-mentioned works is somehow associated with the appearance of contaminants of various types. In order not to spend a lot of personal time on cleaning surfaces, cleaning the floor, etc. leave a request to our specialists. Our specialists of the cleaning company will help you to solve the issue with cleaning and bring cleanliness in the house.

February 25 2024