What is the difference between general cleaning and maintenance cleaning

Cleanliness is an important component of creating a favorable atmosphere in the apartment, office and other premises, helps to increase concentration and ensures safety of stay in it. Maintaining cleanliness involves 2 types of cleaning – ordinary (complex) and general cleaning. Each of them involves the solution of certain goals and is characterized by its own features. In this article we will consider the difference between general cleaning and ordinary cleaning. 

Why is a general cleaning necessary?

General cleaning of the premises is a long and large-scale process, which consists of many actions to restore order in apartments, houses and other premises. Usually such cleaning is carried out every 2-3 months. However, sometimes there may be life circumstances when you need emergency cleaning. We are talking about situations when relatives suddenly came, it is necessary to eliminate the consequences of a noisy party or it is necessary to prepare housing for moving after the repair.  Therefore, it is difficult to say how often general cleaning should be carried out, everything is individual. 

Why is maintenance cleaning necessary?

Intermediate cleaning is a set of measures aimed at maintaining order in various types of premises. It is carried out in those cases when there are no old, difficult to remove stains and a large layer of dust on the surfaces. Usually such cleaning is carried out once a week, but it can be done every day at will (however, daily cleaning is quite tedious and therefore, to tell the truth, people resort to it very rarely). In general, there are no hard rules here, everything is at the discretion of the owner of the premises.    

To finally determine what is the current cleaning should analyze the list of cases, the performance of which it involves. This includes: 

  • performance of superficial cleaning without thorough cleaning of complex elements;
  • removal of dirt from tiles, laminate or linoleum, as well as removing dust from appliances, furniture, decorative elements in the house, apartment, restaurant or beauty salon;
  • vacuuming floors and carpeting in the premises;
  • wet cleaning of the premises.

What does a general cleaning include?

General cleaning, on the other hand, is a more “serious approach” to cleanliness. This includes a whole list of tasks, including:

  • washing windows and doorways
  • radiator cleaning
  • polishing lacquered and mirrored surfaces
  • wiping down electronics and appliances
  • Dusting of wall constructions
  • cleaning carpets and other floor coverings
  • tidying up up upholstered furniture, etc.

The order of general cleaning of rooms usually includes such an algorithm:

  • twisting tracks and carpets, their knocking out
  • removal of curtains and their washing, also at this stage you should take care of cleaning the decoration
  • kitchen cleaning (washing dishes and kitchen utensils)
  • cupboard cleaning
  • washing windows (to avoid streaks you should resort to certain tricks, but to achieve a good result in fact it will be possible and without experts)
  • washing interior doors and handles
  • removing dust and cobwebs from corners
  • vacuuming surfaces (carpets, upholstered furniture) in the rooms
  • polishing of furniture fronts
  • bathroom cleaning
  • cleaning of hallways, etc.

Tools and equipment used

Complex cleaning of premises implies the use of a huge amount of inventory. It includes: household sponges, mops, buckets, bags for household waste, scoops for cleaning, products for bathrooms, products for cleaning the floor, etc. 

However, wet cleaning of premises from specialists is a different story. It involves the use of steam generators, special sweepers, special vacuum cleaners, etc. Apart from the fact that it provides better cleaning and higher speed of execution, calling a professional cleaner is also about comfort. You don’t have to store around for special cleaning products, think about how a particular surface will react to the product, whether it will be damaged, etc. To be sure that the cleaning will be done at the highest level you should contact our cleaning company.

March 18 2024