Window cleaning: entrust specialists or use folk methods?

Every owner of an apartment or homeowner reasonably believes that the washing of windows in her home is carried out at a quite high, proper level. In her opinion, glasses without divorce are not so difficult to by proven methods or the use of a “fashionable” detergent, which is advertised on television. This unpretentious initiative at first glance is available to those lovers of independent cleaning, who have large volumes of free time. The inventory required to implement a periodically necessary task is simple and accessible to everyone. However, the number of people who want to do this work on their own is becoming less and less. Why is this happening, you may wonder? The problem is, first of all, that today the modern person is not always, but rather very rarely, has the necessary amount of time to clean the house itself. In fact, this type of activity is available only to housewives, engaged in the upbringing of the younger generation, and older family members are most often unavailable, as there is a high percentage of trauma hazard in its process. That is why cleaning in Calgary is becoming increasingly popular. But in this article we will still talk about alternative options for windows washing (in addition to professional cleaning). 

What will be needed to wash the window at the amateur level? 

If you do not have enough experience in this business, then achieving immediate success will not be as easy as it might seem at first glance. You will undoubtedly need a mandatory set of items that differ from each other only in their design, but in functionality are roughly identical. 

  • A scraper, which is designed to eliminate stiffness from the plane, or a slide, conveniently strapping wet traces with a smooth surface – is considered one of the most indispensable tools to eradicate divorces even at the preventive stage; 
  • Sponge, on the one hand, which is propelled for moisture and small particles, and on the other – absorbing substance; 
  • A glass cleaner to remove the presence of any liquid from the glass – for example, a drop of rain; 
  • Swab, the position of which is easy to fix by applying a special device for adjusting the length of the lever and a special “short” for pressing the replacement towels; 
  • Wipes for dry wipes, towels made of microfiber. 
  • High quality cleaning products from good manufacturers. 

Are there any effective ways to clean the windows?

The first number is, of course, the already archaic newspaper – not only the packaging material, but also a wonderful dirt washer and surface rubber. Wash the glass with water with soap, and then, taking the newspaper bag in your hand, you sparkling glow and perfect cleanliness. Newspaper paper has a pronounced ability to absorb residues of fluid, which does not make moisture any chance of divorce. And this is the result and we wish all without exception the owners of the window. 

The solution of glycerin with water (one to one) gives an unusual gloss to the smooth surface, if you add to it the nasopharynx in a volume of just a few drops. 

The powder of starch easily eliminates window divorces. At the same time, the cost of cleaning when using such a tool is very low, and reliability is proven by years of successful use. You will only need a liter of water and a tablespoon of starchy powder consistency. After washing with such a composition, it remains only to wipe the glass with sludge or dry paper. A more authentic method involves the use of potatoes in the cut – tubers contain the amorphous substance of polysaccharides, half of the potato is a wonderful means of achieving the brilliant brightness of light passing through the glass. It remains only to dry. 

The fluid pressed out of their roasted onions is a natural composition that is absolutely irreplaceable (excluding modern cleaning mixtures) when getting rid of the window glass from bird spotting and squeezing of dead insects. The only nuance: after the onion juice requires a good wet cleaning, followed by rubbing with a newspaper or assembling foam sliding. 

Citric acid is equally effective in this context. About one hundred grams of lemon juice are added to the water (250 g) and obtain a composition that has miraculous properties. With the help of a nebulizer, which can be made independently from any plastic bottle, we apply to the surface of the window and level the dust plaque. Packed lemon nectar containing preservatives is not suitable for window cleaning. 

The mold in the powdered state will also be perfectly suitable after washing with simple soap water. The mill mass perfectly cleans to shine – you only need to dilute the mill in two liters of water in a volume of two tablespoons, and after wiping with this composition and drying rub properly with a towel to the perfect condition. Half a litre of water, a few drops of dishwasher and 50 grams of vinegar mixed together are a wonderful invention for washing window frames, as it carefully dissolves the plaque until it is completely removed by a cloth or wrap. 

No less good is the composition of two tablespoons of nasopharynx mixed with two glasses of water. The only disadvantage of this fast-acting remedy is nasopharyngeal vapour, from which, in order to avoid irritation of the respiratory channels, a medical mask protects.

Just imagine how long it will take you to wash the windows in any of the above-mentioned scenarios – to spend time preparing the solution and then washing yourself or order a professional cleaning in Calgary to decide you, but the advantages of delegating the washing of the windows to specialists are obvious. The cleaning company in Calgary is maximum comfort, convenience, high speed of service and impeccable result.

July 11 2023