Cleaning after renovation of commercial premises

In the renovation of new restaurants, cafes, beauty salons or stores their owners put all their heart and soul. Firstly, when you start a business you just want to be the best among competitors, and secondly – a well-designed image and attractive to visitors is a guarantee of success. But, repair is repair, and cleaning after it must be done. The institution, which has just opened, should shine with cleanliness – it is necessary in order not to spoil the first impression. However, after the completion of construction work, not everything looks exactly as you want. That is why it is worth ordering a general cleaning of the premises just before the opening, because it is extremely difficult to cope with everything on your own. Not to mention the fact that cleaning the room after repair with your own hands requires a huge amount of all kinds of special equipment. For cleaning up after renovations in a commercial space, you may need:

  • special stiff brushes or metal spatulas to remove dirt from surfaces;
  • cleaners: separately for window cleaning, separately for plumbing, floors, and if necessary for wallpaper (if washable);
  • double-sided sponges and microfiber cloths;
  • broom and dustpan, mop;
  • protective gloves;
  • furniture care products: polish, wax, etc. – everything that allows surfaces to retain an attractive appearance for a long time.

Just imagine how much all of these products will cost and how long it will take to learn how to use them. Of course, they will be needed later – in the process of using the premises, and not only after the renovation of commercial premises in Calgary, but it is unlikely that your employees or you will clean the premises yourself, and each specialist uses different means and methods of cleaning in commercial premises, so the purchase will not justify itself. No matter how qualitatively you do not approach the cleaning in a restaurant, office or beauty salon to cope with cleaning at the level of professionals will not come out exactly, so do not look for an extra reason to stress and waste time. It is better to order cleaning in Calgary at once in our company.

Why is it necessary to order the services of a cleaning company?

Usually, catering establishments, salons and stores have a lot of decorative elements and glass surfaces on which dust can settle. In addition, the construction team does not have to clean up after themselves perfectly – at best they just sweep up and take out the garbage – but the premises must meet all sanitary requirements. Therefore, before opening a new establishment or commissioning a house, the following work should be done:

  • Removal of residues of construction and finishing materials – glue, plaster, concrete, plaster, putty;
  • Wiping dust on the walls, ceiling, equipment, furniture and elements of decor. Dust after the repair is really a lot. More often than not, it is not enough just to vacuum and clean the floor once. It is necessary to wash everything where it can be and many times. And after, as well, it is necessary to wait until the dust in the air to settle and wash everything again – it is all exhausting, especially when it comes to a large area. Without the right detergents to effectively remove the dust, the process can take a long time;
  • Thorough wet cleaning, especially of various seams, recesses, niches;
  • Washing and rubbing windows, mirrors, display cases, light fixtures, tables and other glass surfaces. For dedusting floors, removing grout, glue and everything else, the usual means from the store is not enough, stickers on the glass, putty, glue with a simple knife can not be scraped off, in addition, you can easily scratch the new glass on the windows and other surfaces. Washing the surface of cabinets or kitchens with a sponge is also not recommended, as you have all chances to leave micro scratches, which you, unfortunately, will not immediately see. About aesthetics also want to add a few words, perfectly rub furniture, glass, chandeliers, lamps, hoods and stretch ceilings without divorces, without a certain experience and labor intensity, as practice shows, is also unlikely to succeed;
  • Disinfection and polishing of sanitary facilities (rubbing walls, floors, plumbing fixtures, shower stalls, etc. to a shine).

Our specialists choose the most effective and safe detergents, the latest equipment, apply advanced technologies, and send an optimal number of personnel to the site. This approach ensures perfect cleaning of premises from specific construction dust and other contaminants. You can always trust us with your creation, because we will make it even more beautiful.

October 2 2023