Cleaning after renovation: why should you turn to professionals?

Any repair, even the shortest, leaves behind a lot of garbage in the apartment. After repair and construction work, there are traces of building materials (plaster, putty, cement-sand mixture), paint and varnish materials, glue, adhesive tape. It is also necessary to collect and take out large fractions of construction debris. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to take them out to household waste containers – construction waste must be taken to special landfills for disposal.

The main enemy is dust. After the repair, a huge amount of dust circulates in the air. To remove it on your own, you need to repeat the process of cleaning absolutely all surfaces (walls, floors, ceiling, window sills, door jambs) many times – as soon as the dust has been cleaned from the area, it is covered with it again. Particles that were previously in the air settle. Repeat cleaning will need not two or three times.Cleaning in Calgary after renovation includes:

  • removal of construction debris;
  • cleaning surfaces from dust and dirt;
  • furniture cleaning.

After assessing the scale of pollution, you can understand how best to clean – on your own, or with the help of professionals from a cleaning company. You should also consider some features of this type of cleaning, which may also affect your decision.

What you need to know about cleaning the apartment after renovation?

Such work should be treated as a large complex of works, because it includes: removal of construction debris; dust cleaning; ventilation cleaning; cleaning surfaces from residues of building materials.

Note that cleaning in Calgary different surfaces may require special cleaners that will effectively remove dirt without damaging the surface. In addition, you will have to clean up in hard-to-reach places – sometimes dust clogs even into small cracks and ventilation holes, leading to further constant pollination of the apartment. This, in turn, can cause serious health problems in the future.

To speed up the cleaning process and improve its quality, special equipment is used – construction professional vacuum cleaners, steam generators, rotary machines. You hardly have such equipment at home – it is very expensive, and in everyday life, they are not used for ordinary household cleaning. It will not work to replace a construction vacuum cleaner with an ordinary one – it will not cope with such an amount of dust and will simply fail. But the cleaning company has this equipment. Its use is included in the cost of cleaning and allows you to perform the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Clean up the dirt yourself or delegate to professionals?

In the event that you have a clear cleaning algorithm after the repair, as well as all the necessary cleaning products, you can clean the apartment on your own. Do not forget that self-cleaning can take a whole day, or even more than one, so you do not need to plan anything for it. Instead of relaxing or thinking about receiving guests, you have to wash windows and floors, as well as clean upholstered furniture and remove dirty stains from interior doors.

However, in most cases, this work should be entrusted to the specialists (cleaning service) of the cleaning company. You need to do this for a number of reasons:

  • these people know how to quickly bring perfect cleanliness, and what to use for this.
  • professional cleaning in many ways turns out to be more efficient and profitable – and there are reasons for this: the work of cleaning specialists on technological maps specially designed for each room – detailed instructions that speed up cleaning and indicate what is needed for each surface;
  • professional cleaning products are used – environmentally friendly and safe for both furniture and apartment residents; the time for which cleanliness can be achieved is reduced as a result of the work of several people and the presence of a technological map;
  • the customer of services can save his time and do his own business during the cleaning.

When cleaning is carried out by professionals, they will not miss a single centimeter of the contaminated area. You can check the quality of cleaning by swiping your finger along the top edge of the interior doors or the bottom shelf of the bookcase, almost hidden from view – perfect cleanliness and lack of dust are guaranteed!

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June 16 2023