The office determines the prestige of the company in the eyes of guests, partners, and employees. The first thing every person who enters the office notices is the interior, comfort, and cleanliness. These three indicators form the first impression of the company’s reputation and management. In addition, employees themselves feel more enthusiastic about coming to the office and working hard when they are in a clean, tidy environment. Employee productivity increases when there is no dust on the furniture around them, daylight enters through clean windows, and the carpet does not emit odors. The procedure for cleaning an office differs from a home office and has its own specifics. It often involves completely different methods and professional tools. Special care is required when handling office equipment, and a professional cleaner from our Calgary cleaning company is well aware of this.


The duties of the cleaners and specialists of a Calgary cleaning company include cleaning all the rooms in the office. In some cases, the management and the cleaner agree on which rooms require cleaning.  There are a number of duties that a cleaner needs to perform on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

This is due to the following specific features of the office environment and life: 

  • Employees move around in street shoes. Only in winter and demi-season do some of them prefer to change into clean shoes; 
  • There is always a lot of office equipment, papers, and stationery in the office that requires careful and delicate handling. It often happens that, out of ignorance, a cleaner accidentally turns off equipment, moves documents, or harms himself or herself by ignoring safety rules;
  •  Cleaning should be not only inside but also outside. Facade cleaning is an important service, because the exterior should attract customers and partners. Windows, doors, handles, and thresholds should be cleaned regularly or seasonally, as precipitation always leaves unwanted marks; 
  • The furniture in the lobby, meeting rooms, and the management office is constantly in use. Stains from spilled coffee, tea, and ballpoint pen paste are commonplace, and should be monitored regularly; 
  • Garbage accumulates in the kitchen and restrooms, which must be removed regularly and disposed of properly. Also, if necessary, disinfect and sanitize walls, floors, and window sills.


A room that is not littered will always be cleaner than one that is regularly cleaned. In a large office, there will always be unwashed cups, a lot of office waste, and street dust. This is quite a common occurrence.  However, one way or another, a number of activities must be carried out to maintain cleanliness in the office space. Among them: 

  • Wipe dust off furniture, desks, and shelves; 
  • Wipe dust from fixtures, lamps, blinds; Wipe office equipment with a special product without using water;
  • Wipe sockets and switches; 
  • Remove garbage from baskets and buckets, change garbage bags; 
  • Vacuum the carpet; 
  • Clean the kitchen – wash dishes, sink, wipe countertops. 
  • For most companies, it is advisable to clean before the start of the working day or after it ends, so that there are no employees on site. 
  • Polish the furniture and reception desk; 
  • Dust off certificates and photographs covered with glass;
  •  Wash the tiles, especially glossy ones, with special products; 
  • Clean the refrigerator and throw away bad food;
  • Clean ventilation openings and grilles. If there are glass or plastic partitions, windows, and mirrors in the office, they should also be wiped down to remove stains. 
  • Wet clean the carpet with a cleaning agent;
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture; 
  • Disinfecting trash cans and plumbing; 
  • Washing windows and frames; 
  • Applying varnish, wax, antistatic agents to furniture. 

This general cleaning can take all day depending on the size of the premises. It is good if the management allows you to allocate one working day or a full day off when the team is not on site.


The frequency of cleaning is discussed with the office management. It can be regular, on demand, or seasonal. In the summer, when many employees go on vacation and the office itself is small, you may need to clean 2-3 times a week. And in the spring and winter, every day. If the company often receives guests and clients, cleaning can be carried out with a frequency of 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening. The duration of the cleaner’s work should also be discussed in advance. It can be 1-2 hours a day or depending on the amount of work, because they can also be different every day. For example, in winter and autumn, cleaning office carpet and tiles will take longer.


General office cleaning should involve a complete cleaning of the premises from floor to ceiling, regardless of the height of the walls – from 3 to 4 times a year. All furniture, even large furniture, should be moved away. Remove cobwebs and dust from hard-to-reach places, such as tall cabinets. The joints between tiles should be cleaned of fungus and mold, and disinfected. If there is a kitchen in the company’s office, all appliances need to be cleaned and the refrigerator additionally defrosted. 

In any case, our cleaning company in Calgary will help you with this task.

August 21 2023