How to permanently get rid of dust in the apartment?

On the one hand, dust is associated with the neglect of the house, the absence of life in it – especially when a thick layer of such a coating is found on the furniture. On the other hand, dust settles on different surfaces, including as a result of people being in rooms. One way or another, it is impossible to get rid of it forever even with hermetically closed windows and the complete absence of air movement in the room. And this is bad news for people with allergies or bronchial asthma – all kinds of allergens are often found in the dust, causing attacks of shortness of breath and coughing, potentially threatening the health of apartment residents. By understanding where these particles come from on different surfaces, you can find an effective cleaning method that does not require you to remember to clean all the furniture from dust every couple of days.

 Sources of dust

There are two types of dust sources: organic and inorganic. The first group includes microscopic particles of exfoliating skin, human hair, nails, and pet hair. In addition, in the layer of dust, especially in unkempt apartments, you can find the remains of the vital activity of small insect pests.

Inorganic sources are somewhat more varied. These include: 

  • construction debris – even if you have not had repairs for a long time, someone nearby is still going through it, and dust easily enters your house;
  • volcanic ash and beach sand are two other interesting reasons why you might need to clean your home;
  • any fire, no matter where it is, will also affect the cleanliness in your rooms – as in previous cases, the smallest particles can easily travel thousands of kilometers through the air until they settle on your bookshelf or on your table.

With such a variety of possibilities for dust to appear on surfaces, it already seems that no single wet cleaning and no vacuum cleaner will save the situation. However, this is not entirely true: after all, there are options that allow you to save your furniture and all surfaces from a layer of such particles.

What should I do to make the dust disappear for a long time?

Large dust – accumulating in small lumps in hard-to-reach places – cannot be permanently removed, unless you appear in the apartment once every few months. It is large accumulations that mainly originate from organic particles: skin, hair, wool. However, with the right cleaning technique, you can significantly reduce the amount of these particles, thereby making wet cleaning less regular. A few tips to help you use your vacuum cleaner less often:

  • Wipe the dust with a damp cloth, starting from the upper surfaces, gradually descending to the lower ones – so all the particles from the higher surfaces do not settle where everything is already clean.
  • Try to vacuum your carpets every week, or better yet, shake them out. Everyone is well aware of the ability of carpets to collect a lot of dirt – now imagine that every step you take throws it back into the air.
  • The same thing happens with upholstered furniture and pillows – they also need to be vacuumed from time to time (and, if possible, a full-fledged cleaning) so that a new portion of dust does not fly into the air with each collision with furniture. Curtains should not be forgotten either – without regular washing or steam treatment, they will become an excellent housing for millions of dust particles.
  • Bed linen also needs to be changed, washed and processed. Dust mites are relatively harmless insects that are found in every home. The main problem that arises due to their cohabitation in tissues is the increased formation of dust, so bed linen cannot be dispensed with either.
  • In general, any soft objects should, if possible, be replaced with those that are not capable of accumulating dust. Hide plush toys, extra throw pillows, and generally take an inventory of such things around the house. As soon as soft surfaces are minimized and a full-fledged wet cleaning is carried out, there will be no trace of dust, and it will not return soon.

Dust itself is very fond of slovenliness and disorder. Any trinkets, figurines, forgotten things also actively accumulate dust on their surface and in every fold of their relief. Even five minutes a day will be enough to quickly walk around the room and clean up everything that you can do without on open surfaces.

We also add that people bring a large amount of dust from the street on clothes and shoes. It turns out that even ordinary washing has its effect on pollination in the house. Well, seasonal items in the wardrobe should be stored in special cases through which dust will not break through either in or out.

Add to your cleaning checklist a passage through the most inaccessible places – this is where huge amounts of dust accumulate. You can get there with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle – now there is every means to get to the narrowest gaps between the furniture and the wall. A damp cloth is your best friend for effective dust control, as it collects all the dust particles on itself, preventing them from flying around. For the same reason, you should use a broom or a dry mop less often – these tools only scatter dust around, and do not remove it. For complex, small and embossed surfaces, we recommend using ordinary paint brushes – they can also be moistened to effectively collect dust. Thus, even the most hard-to-reach corners and cracks on decor and furniture are cleaned.

How to make sure that dust does not sit on furniture?

As we know, dust is microscopic particles, so small that they are subjected to gravity with the formation of a static charge. This means that when you get close enough to any surface, there is a charge difference that attracts dust and helps it sit on furniture. To combat this phenomenon, an antistatic agent was invented long ago – a means that neutralizes this effect of attraction. Antistatic is also known as a polish on the market – as a bonus, you will get furniture shine from using it. But you should not rely on this tool alone – you still can’t get away from wet cleaning. It is enough to wipe cabinet furniture once or twice a week with a damp cloth soaked in this agent so that the dust, instead of settling on the surface, simply slides down. There is also a good solution for upholstered furniture: there are special impregnations for sheathing, which in about the same way prevent dust from settling on a soft fabric surface. They should be used no more than once every six months – this at least makes no sense, because the impregnation lasts a long time.

All these procedures may seem quite tedious: they have many stages, they need a lot of money, and not every person will be able to spend a lot of time every week on such a thorough cleaning. That is why many turn to cleaning in Canada. Our Calgary cleaning company uses safe and effective dust repellents to clean whenever you want, quickly and efficiently. You can order a cleaning service Calgary through our website.

June 23 2023