How to return carpet products to their former beauty and former freshness?

If you ask the question: what piece of furniture wears out the fastest, then one of the first answers is the carpet. It is easy to argue for such an opinion by the fact that people walk on carpets every day (even if we are talking about a small apartment where several people live), furniture is installed on them, and they are often polluted by spilling drinks or spilling something. Therefore, over time, the villi break, change color and texture. This process is greatly accelerated if there are pets or children in the room. It is possible that because of all this, carpet products have earned the disrespectful status of “dust collectors” among the people, but this does not happen in every case. Delicate care is simply necessary for each product, and qualified specialists of our cleaning company in Calgary know exactly how to return carpet products to their former beauty and freshness. But about everything and in order. In this article, we will talk in detail about how to care for the pile, how often it is necessary to dry-clean carpets, and why you should not resort to traditional methods.

Are there traditional ways to clean carpets?

Like any type of carpet, fleecy products require care. The difficulty lies in the special structure of the pile, in which dust, small particles of debris, and dirt accumulate. The owners of such a decorative accessory should be prepared to set aside time for cleaning and it is advisable to do this regularly. However, it should be understood that it is only about vacuuming products. After all, not knowing all the nuances of cleaning work, there is a risk of harming and simply spoiling the coating. But, there are a couple of tips that you can still use to care for the carpet at home (we note right away that this will not help in cases where the coatings have been damaged too much – juice, ketchup, etc. have been spilled on them):

  1. Dry cleaning. The main assistant in dry cleaning is a vacuum cleaner and soda (or another substance, further on in more detail). With the help of soda, salt and starch, you can remove fresh stains and dirt, and eliminate unpleasant odors. The work takes place according to the following scheme:
  • the place of contamination should be covered with soda, starch or salt. But it is best to use soda, which is an effective absorbent;
  • leave the carpet for 8-12 hours for a complete absorption reaction;
  • vacuum the coating to remove the soda.

Baking soda can be used on a variety of long pile carpets, but not on silk or viscose.

  1. If dry cleaning does not give the desired result, then wet cleaning is indispensable. Before you wash a carpet with a long pile at home, you need to think about two main points: the correct preparation of the solution and the drying of the accessory. At this point, it is important to think about how to dry the rug. The specificity lies in the fact that an unpleasant odor will immediately appear in a wet long pile. In addition, moisture is the main breeding ground for mold and bacteria. In the warm season, you can dry the carpet on the balcony or on the street. If cleaning is carried out in winter, it is better to use air conditioning. Now proceeds directly to learning how to wash a long pile carpet:
  • Vacuum the floor first. The vacuum cleaner pulls out stuck debris and dust well. It will be correct to use a vacuum cleaner hose or a narrow nozzle.
  • Next, we prepare a cleaning solution: fill the bucket ⅓ with water, add washing powder or laundry soap, mix everything well. This is the easiest and safest solution that will not harm the texture of the long pile.
  • Wet the brush with the solution and apply evenly to the surface. The movements should be light and circular. It is not permissible to rub the stains strongly.
  • Then you need to wipe the areas with a dry sponge to remove dirt and moisture.
  • After that, you need to lift the villi and comb the carpet with a dry brush, this will give a smooth texture to the long pile. It is necessary to raise the fibers to acquire the inherent fluffiness.
  • Next, dry the carpet for at least a day on the street. If drying is carried out indoors, it must be well ventilated. It is recommended to put the accessory on a wooden board, use a fan. This ensures aeration of the structure and prevents the appearance of mold.

General cleaning of the carpet surface at home does not allow you to remove all the dirt that penetrates deep into the pile in any case. When it comes to cleaning carpets from stains, there are many different tips on the Internet, including ironing the carpet through a paper towel to remove grease, and using a liquid thought with vinegar to remove coffee. However, we do not recommend resorting to such methods – saving on professional cleaning can be very expensive. Ruining a carpet is actually very easy. To keep the carpets in your home looking clean and well-groomed, just vacuum them periodically and contact the specialists at least 2 times a year for such a service as professional carpet cleaning.

Why is going to a cleaning company in Calgary for carpet cleaning the best solution?

Professional dry cleaning and washing of carpets, rugs, carpet washing is a complex and time-consuming type of cleaning services that requires a sufficient amount of experience, knowledge and skills from the performer. Our specialists know all the nuances of determining the correct composition of the carpet, its type and the correct choice of the appropriate cleaning agent and method of washing the carpet.

Carpet cleaning technology consists of several stages:

– Dust removal

This can be done with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Dust will be removed into the tank. Such vacuum cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will allow you to get rid of not only dust, but also wool, specific contaminants, such as chewing gum, which are pre-treated or first removed, and then vacuum cleaning is performed.

– Spots are cleaned, corrosive dirt is removed. For these purposes, special stain removers are used.

– Deep dry cleaning of carpets with a washing vacuum cleaner, an extractor machine or a special rotary machine with large brushes.

If carpet cleaning is carried out with export, cleaning is carried out:

– Removal of detergent residues.

– Conditioning of carpets and carpets, refreshing the shade getting rid of the static effect.

– The pile is combed in the right direction. For these purposes, a special brush is used.

– Drying the carpet. It is carried out using a special machine or in a natural way.

Dry carpet cleaning allows you to:

– quickly clean the surface and guarantees no shrinkage of the carpet;

– a method that is safe for health and retains the original properties of the product well.

June 28 2023